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15 Things To Do This Summer - Summer Bucket List

By Kristan Kremer
on June 07, 2017

15 Things To Do This Summer 

Summer Bucket List - Family of Four (Kids under 3)


It's officially summer in our home! With two educators and two kids, not yet in school, you can understand our excitement. 


Apollo is just under three years old and Aria a few days from turning one - we have to be creative. During the last few weeks of school, I began to brainstorm different ideas to keep our family entertained in my Limelife Planners A6 lined notebook. 



This size went along with me very easily from home to work because it fits nicely in my work bag and diaper bag. 



What's missing from this list? Anything you're planning to do with your family this summer break?

A Week in the Life of a College Student

By Kristan Kremer
on May 31, 2017

Even though the school year just ended/is ending soon, it’s getting to be time to think about your planner for the next school year! The great thing about Limelife is that there are so many great layout options. I’ll be showing you how I used Layouts B and C as a college student. (Note that Layout C has been updated slightly since I purchased mine, so it looks a little bit different in my pictures than it will if you order one—remember, you can always see what the layouts look like and try them out before you buy.)

This last school year was my first year using a Limelife Planner, and WOW was it great! I’ve always used a planner, but I hadn’t found a layout that I absolutely loved…until I tried Limelife’s Layout C. I used Layout C for the whole school year, and decided to order Layout B as my next planner since I’ll be transitioning from student to a 9-5 employee.

I loved the six boxes of Layout C and how easy it is to customize them. Because I had a consistent schedule, I mostly kept the boxes the same for an entire semester. If you plan to keep your boxes the same for several months, check out these wonderful customizable box labels!

Here’s how I used the boxes in Layout C:

Class #1

Class #2/Job & Apartment Search (This class was only for the first half of the semester, so once that was done I changed up my labels.)

Class #3

Class #4


Misc (Social Events, Extra Curriculars, Errands, etc.)

I use the boxes for my classes to write down homework for the next class period and big projects or exam dates.

Here’s how the same week looks planned in two different layouts (top is B, bottom is C)!


A little disclaimer about Layout B (hourly): I didn’t get it for college, I got it to start using after my Layout C planner finishes up soon. Though the hourly layout was alright, it wasn’t as great of a fit for my college schedule. I found it to be redundant writing out my class times that are the same every week, and it’s more structured than I liked, especially for homework. However, I loved using an hourly planner for my internship last summer, because meetings were always at different times each day/week, and no two days were the same. That’s why I got a new hourly planner to use for my first adult job!

While I don’t have experience with any other layouts as a college student, I’d highly recommend Layout C for your next academic planner! As a student, another thing I love about Limelife over other planner brands is that you can pick your starting month. No more having to buy a January start and have one academic year in two calendar year planners!

Start thinking about what planner you want to use next school year, and order soon! There’s still plenty of time to order in time for August or September, but remember to allow about 3 weeks from the time you order for all of the customization goodness that Limelife does + shipping. That would mean ordering in early July if you want an August start!

Ready to buy your next planner or other Limelife goodies? Have fun shopping—here’s $10 off!

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5 Steps You Can Take to Get Back on Track With Your Budget TODAY

By Kristan Kremer
on May 17, 2017

If you're like most of us, January began with a commitment to having a stronger hold of your finances.  February was good, too. I mean it was only 28 days! Then all of the pretty things caught your eye and - whoops! What budget?


Marketing, spring fever, retail therapy - whatever caused this budget slip, it happens. The great thing is, you can get back on budget TODAY. 


Before we get into the steps, I do want to say that l believe a budget should have built-in opportunities for you to have fun. There should be fun money/blow money/allowances for you to enjoy things that you like. Even after going off track. 



Okay, so...


1: Start today!

Mistakes happen. Don't beat yourself up about it. Get back on track by recommitting to your budget today. Maybe the mistake was that your budget needed a little tweaking. Did you forget to build in that fun money? Whatever it was, focus on moving forward. 


2: Write it out.

If you are not writing out a plan for your budget,  stop reading after this step and get to it! This is essential for getting back on track. Write down what you plan to use your income for. Plan for it all of the way down to the last penny. (Zero-based budgeting) Hello - savings! I'm a tried and true fan of The Total Money Makeover. A [written] budget is telling your money where to go, instead of wondering where it went. (Dave Ramsey)


3: Assess What Happened

It's easy to get off track with your budget if you cannot see where your money is going. Not only should you write down what you plan to do with your income, you should write out what actually happens. Last month, we were hit with several Dr. visit co-payments when our youngest caught a nasty virus. Fortunately we'd started a sinking fund for medical payments. I wrote all of that out in my budget notebook because it helped us to better understand where our money went and how much we need to adjust our budget for future months. 



4: Make Adjustments 

As I mentioned before, you should have fun. Budgeting is not a way to eliminate the things that you want. Following a budget should put you in a place of confidence when you're making a purchase. Confident that the money isn't needed for something else, confident that your necessities are taken care of, and confident that the card transaction won't be declined. Each month will be different. Some months you'll need a oil change or a new transit pass. Some months, you won't. It's so important to plan out each and every month. I really like having the budget notebook because I can see when certain annual or semi-annual payments are, right away. Revisiting your budget each week may even be necessary for the first few months. Things shift and you will have to plan for it. 


5: Celebrate your success 

Going from no budget to a zero-based budget may feel like a big step. I get it. How do you keep on track? You celebrate the baby steps. Stay within budget, of course. Small celebrations don't have to cost money. Let's say you get back on track and have a full two weeks of on-budget-spending. Celebrate! Spend an extra 10 minutes in your bubble bath or watch an extra episode of whatever show you're trying not to completely binge watch. You deserve it! You adulted and adulting is hard. 


Let me know in the comments how you're doing on your 2017 budget. Also, check out the budget notebook that I use in the Limelife Planners Shop



A Table of One's Own

By Kristan Kremer
on May 10, 2017
I've wanted a desk in our house for a long time, but we never had the space.  I figured we'd have to move for me to get a room of my own a la Virgina Woolf but recently something strange happened.  Our geriatric dogs (ages 13 and 12) decided they hated their crates during the day.  They've both loved having their own space to sleep since they were puppies, but we became concerned they were going to hurt themselves trying to break free.  We experimented a bit with leaving them out, and they did fine, so we packed up the crates and suddenly there was a blank wall in our front room calling my name.
I had been keeping my planner stuff on an Ikea Raskog cart and wheeling it to the kitchen table when I wanted to use it, but now I'm so excited for it to have a home base!  My handy husband fixed a table he found on the side of the road, and I cleaned it up and popped on an old  table cloth from Target.
I recently got into stickering (is that a word?) and my kids love it too.  We order the Pipsticks monthly pack and our neighbor friends always seem to be over when it arrives.  They LOVE filling out the postcards that come inside and mailing them.  The mom in me is especially excited for a fun way to practice writing over the summer.  I get both the kid and adult sticker pack, because why not?  The sticker fun usually leads to a request to get out the "art cart."  Once it's out, I can't resist!
A few times when planning in my Cahier Traveler's Notebook, I noticed the dot grid array was about the same size as some of the "standard" stickers available on Etsy.  The dot grid is available as a Traveler's Notebook or as a planner add-on, or even as a stand alone notebook.  I decided to do an experiment with a few of my favorite shops' box stickers.
I also noticed that the width is the same as the columns in Limelife's 7x9 Layout A.  I don't have Layout A, but I printed a sample page from the website. I think it's so neat that you can try out your planning style before committing to a full planner.
I can't wait to show you more from my new table.  Also, stay tuned for a Favorite Things Giveaway on my Instagram for my birthday!  It's coming up soon!  Happy stickering!
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Skin Care Routine

By Kristan Kremer
on May 03, 2017
Have you heard of Korean Skin Care?  I had no idea what it was a few weeks ago, but my friend Nancy (Hi, Nancy!) has gorgeous flawless skin and she filled me in on her secret.
I realized I'd been punishing my skin with lots of drying and scrubbing products (which worked!) but then I was not hydrating my face enough at all.  I can't stand feeling sticky from lotion, but with this new routine, I feel like I'm glowing!  The order of the steps is important because it ensures all makeup and dirt is removed properly, and then products are layered to build back moisture.  
There are 10 steps, but don't be worried. I only do a mask and scrub two nights a week, so the "core" 8 steps take less than 5 minutes.  I had to make a page in my bullet journal because I couldn't keep the steps in order and kept forgetting.
There are curated product lists, but I found everything was cheaper a la carte on Amazon.  Thank you, prime!

My favorites so far are:

Step 3 Exfoliation: Strawberry Scrub 
Step 5 Essence: Lettuce & Cucumber Watery Toner - this is so refreshing!
Before, During, and after one week (with a touch of makeup)
What do you think?  Can you see a difference?  I highly recommend you try it out.  I'm definitely planning to continue.  
(See what I did there?  Happy Planning!)

Sermon Notes Notebook Walk Through

By Kristan Kremer
on April 26, 2017

Hey fellow Limelife lovers! I’m Erin, one of the new Media & Creative Team members. Today I want to show you how I’ve been using my Sermon Notes notebook! As a college student living away from home, I typically watch my home church’s sermons online. I do this either by live-streaming it or watching the recording later in the day/week. I’m thankful that my church provides the sermons online so they can be viewed at any time, and over and over again! While it’s not the same experience as being AT church, it is better than nothing!

Limelife Planners Sermon Notes Notebook Walk Through

I wasn’t really a note-taker in the past at church, but sometimes I would find myself wishing I had written something down. Then I discovered Limelife’s Sermon Notes notebook! It’s a beautiful 7x9” notebook with space to take notes for 64 sermons. I love the size of the notebook; it has a good amount of writing space for each sermon, but it’s not too big to toss in my purse! While the cover it comes with is wonderful, you can also pick a different cover if you’d like (I got the standard cover). For those of you who are loving traveler’s notebooks right now, it also comes in Cahier and A6 (both have room for notes on 13 sermons).

Limelife Planners Sermon Notes Notebook Walk Through

Limelife Planners Sermon Notes Notebook Walk Through

One thing I like about watching it online is being able to pause the video when I want to write something down. I am able to watch the sermon at my own pace, which is great. Here’s what my first spread in my Sermon Notes notebook looked like!

Limelife Planners Sermon Notes Notebook Walk Through

I love the flexibility that this notebook offers, while still providing some structure for the date, speaker, and title of the sermon, along with a box on the left and a quote and “what I want to remember” area on right. For example, in the box on the left side of the spread, sometimes I hand letter a short phrase or quote from the sermon, while other times I write out something longer like a Bible verse.

Limelife Planners Sermon Notes Notebook Walk Through
Limelife Planners Sermon Notes Notebook Walk Through
Limelife Planners Sermon Notes Notebook Walk Through
Limelife Planners Sermon Notes Notebook Walk Through

The notebook is made of the same lovely paper that Limelife uses for their planners. I’ve been using a purple Ink Joy Gel pen (my favorite pens at the moment), and I haven’t had any issues with the ink bleeding through, even where I did some hand lettering. It shadows just a tiny bit, but that doesn’t bother me at all!

This sermon notebook would be great if you usually take notes on the back of your church bulletin, or if you’re like me and wish you would take notes but not have a place to keep them. You can also use the notebook for taking notes on special church events, conferences, or guest speakers in addition to taking notes on the regular weekend sermons.

Limelife Planners Sermon Notes Notebook Walk Through

If you’re new to Limelife and would like to try the Sermon Notes notebook, you can get $10 off your purchase!

Follow me on Instagram or check out my blog to see more of my sermon notes and planning goodness!

Traveler's Notebook Walk Through

By Kristan Kremer
on April 07, 2017

Hey Planner Friends!  

I want to show you a walk-through of my Keelindori Traveler's Notebook with Limelife Inserts.  I use this as a bullet journal and currently have seven "books" inside.  I'm new to Traveler's Notebooks but I really love their form and flexibility.  I remove books for detailed writing and love that they lay flat.  The books themselves aren't very thick, so they are perfect for writing and lettering.  Sometimes the huge coil got in the way in my 7x9 planner.  For me, planning is both functional and a creative outlet, so I had trouble committing to one particular design or layout for any length of time.  Since these are meant to last 3 or so months (minus those with a year long view such as monthly calendars or gratitude lots) it's perfect for me.  I also found myself not using the monthly view in any of my planners, so this way I can easily eliminate it and focus on what I DO use.  

Take a Look Inside my Traveler's Notebook

The first book is a dot grid with the Stacey cover.  The second is also a dot grid but with the Lauren cover.  I use both for bullet journal type pages, but the Stacey book is up front and for shorter term plans, and the Lauren book is for longer term.  I make weekly layouts in the Stacey dot grid and tracker pages, such as summer plans or Instagram followers with the Lauren dot grid.  I'm sometimes a sticker hoarder when I get one I just love, so I frequently put my favorite stickers on the outside of the books and see them more often.
I love that I can pick different covers for each, because it's easier to identify.  I will always get the fitness inserts with Rachel, for instance.  Speaking of Rachel, that is my next book!  I was carrying a separate fitness notebook but abandoned it because it was so heavy.  I love being able to journal for health reasons, though!  It's the perfect size.
Next up is gratitude.  There is one line per day and a few notes in the back for more detailed gratitude entries.
My fifth book is a plain lined notebook.  I read a lot of books, and I love writing down notes or good quotations I'd like to remember.
The last two I use for work.  I've combined a work planner into this Traveler's Notebook, so I use the sixth book with daily pages inside for detailed plans, and the seventh for taking notes during meetings.
My six year old loves to trade Pokemon cards, so I also have a two vinyl dashboards surrounding the books where I keep stamps and his latest treasures. 

Helpful Traveler's Notebook Links

The Magic of Masking in Your Planner Layout

By Katie Poppe
on March 31, 2017

Hello Planner Friends! I am so, so excited to share with you how I created this layout with you. Masking is a great way to combine creative with function in our planners. We can use bigger, decorative stamps in our layouts, without taking up all our planning space. This stamp set I used in my decorating is a space theme, and I wanted to be able to use lots of the planets, but not take up all my room for all our real life stuff that needs to go in there. I also wanted to “paint on” ink using a sponge to get a whimsical outer space look. So let”s jump in!

First I laid the foundation of the layout by choosing a darker purple ink and used a sponge to blot and smear ink the ink around the edges of the pages and in my notes section. There are two main ways I mask in my layouts. The first is to stamp an image on a scrap piece of paper and fussy cut it out. I then stamp then use that to cover up an image I don’t want to get ink on. That’s what i did in the following photo for the rocket ship.

The second is to use post it notes to block off sections that I don’t want to stamp on or ink or to partially stamp an image on the paper.

To really give this layout an outer space look, I used a white gel pen to add stars. Gel pens can be temperamental, so to get the ink flowing I always do small circular motions on my thumb, and then  I don’t have any problems with a good ink flow on the paper, especially when using it on pigment ink. It’s important to vary the size of the dots, otherwise it will end up looking like snow!

I also stamped some images on sticker paper to color and use in my Notes section. Colored pencils are my go to, and the blending pencil is amazing for blending colors together. For example, I colored one planet a light pink color all over, and then went over the pink in sections with a purple pencil using medium pressure. I then took the blending pencil and used soft circular motions to blend the purple out giving the planet a more interesting and dimensional look. The nice thing about stamping decorative images on sticker paper is that I can move them all around before I decide on where to stick them in my layout.

I saved my planner stamping for the end of this layout. Since I went pretty heavy on the decorative stamping this week, I needed to make sure I could still fit my lined boxes. That’s the great thing about stamps! You can see perfectly how they will fit, and you can easily mask off to make a box smaller if you need to! I wanted to keep with the outer space theme, so I used star check boxes and a star header box, and chose an ink that would compliment my stars and sky.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my blog post. Have fun with your planner, try new things, and I hope that I have made planner stamping a little less intimidating.

Lindsay              IG: @glam2plan_pnw

Introducing our New Media & Creative Team

By Kristan Kremer
on March 27, 2017

It’s Springtime already! Time sure has flown. And with the change of seasons, it’s also time to announce our new Media & Creative Team. Please join me in welcoming this talented new group of ladies.


Jasmine is known on Instagram as @simplybyheart. She’s active in the planner community and loves florals.


Amanda is known on Instagram as @leftyloveslimelife. She’s into bullet journaling and is sure to inspire you with her beautiful hand lettering. Subscribe to Amanda's YouTube channel here.


Erin is known on Instagram as She’s a college student and blogs at

Please be sure to follow our new M&CT members, use their $10 off links, and interact with them in our Facebook group. Welcome to the Limelife family ladies! We cannot wait to see how you inspire us with your talents and creativity.

If you're interested in joining a future round of our Media & Creative Team, make sure you're following us on Instagram, Facebook, and subscribed to our newsletter. We'll announce there when we start the search for new members.


Staying Organized While Traveling

By Kristan Kremer
on March 24, 2017

Traveling can mean fun, adventure, and relaxation. It can also mean stress, lack of routine, and difficulty staying organized. If you love planners, chances are you love to be on top of things and plan ahead, right?  For us planner-lovers, being away from home can make planning, organizing, and feeling “completely together” difficult.  

With spring and summer breaks coming up, I figured now is the perfect time to share a few of my tips for staying organized while traveling.

Last summer my family and I drove for two days to reach our vacation destination. Our car was packed. And I mean packed. We stuffed our car with snacks, waters, and the essentials needed to keep our preschooler entertained during our long car ride. (Yeah...that's a lot of “essentials.”) We had so little room left that I decided to leave my planner at home. “I'll be fine for a week without it,” I thought.

Was I “fine?” Sure. But there were times when I longed for my planner to help me feel less stressed and more “on top of things.” Not being able to write things down and keep track of our plans left me relying solely on my memory. (Which isn't  a good thing when you suffer from mom brain.)

So here is tip one.

Bring a Travel Planner

Whether it’s a small, pocket-sized option or something you've concocted, if you use a planner in your day-to-day life, using it while on vacation or while traveling will be second nature to you. I’m planning on using the new Cahier Traveler’s Notebooks during our vacations this year. Our trip this spring will only be for a few days so I'm bringing the Weekly Layout E notebook with me. But if we take a longer trip this summer, I will probably switch it up and use the Monthly Traveler’s notebook. There are a few reasons why I chose the Cahier Traveler’s Notebooks instead of a smaller planner. Firstly, they're small while still maintaining a good amount of space for writing (big handwriting over here). Secondly, they don't have coil bindings so they are easy to slip in and out of a bag or purse. And lastly, I like that the months and dates aren't already printed in the notebook. This means I can write in the dates myself and use every single page of the notebook. Instead of just using the pages of the months I'm traveling.

Bag Choice

The bag you'll be carrying day-to-day should allow for easy, on-the-go organization and the inevitable wrappers/napkins-in-the-bag scenario. (Hey, it's better than littering.) So a good size bag (spending time stuffing a small bag with items is no fun) with pockets/compartments is must. I also recommend zippers instead of snap or magnet closures. There's  nothing like not being able to find your phone or wallet and panicking that it may have fallen out of your bag during your travels to throw your entire schedule off course.

Allow for Free Time

Those of us that like to plan may or may not be guilty of finding comfort in planning out every minute of our travel/vacation. My advice? Allow for some free unscheduled time. Chances are, something unplanned will happen during your time away. Whether it's an unforeseen rainstorm slowing down your travel time or an amusement park shutting down it's rides until the risk of lightning passes, having unscheduled time will allow time in your schedule for the “uh-oh’s” and last minute changes.

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