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Life is better when you're less stressed and more organized.

This is at the core of what we do and what we believe. We know that there's no better tool for organizing your life than a planner, and we love being able to create them for our customers. Structure is important - but so is flexibility. Our planners and custom options allow you to organize like no one else. We know that one size doesn't fit all -- and one size doesn't even fit the same year to year! Our lives are ever-changing and we want to be able to provide you with a planning system that grows and changes alongside you.

Why are we different? Glad you asked! We believe in fresh, modern, uncluttered designs. We believe in customized covers and varying start months. We believe in layout choices. We believe in coffee and kindness and vibrant colors and beautiful paper. As a company, we believe in volunteering locally, sourcing products from the US, spreading positivity, and corporately donating to important causes. 

All of our planners are hand made in our retail space/production facility in Oxford, Pennsylvania. We'd love to have you stop by and see us! Coffee's on us!

Becky, Fulfillment Manager becky_name

I’m Becky, I'm in charge of production and order fulfillment, working closely with Leslie to ensure that every order is sent out on time and exactly how it should be.

I love coffee (which is apparently a requirement to working here), crochet, selling beads, metal detecting, graphic design and all things organization. I hoard yarn, office and art supplies, and I will buy anything that has a Westie or Scottie on it.

I live in Pennsylvania with my two sweet little girls and awesome husband, Jamie.

Leslie, Owner, Limelife Planners leslie_name

I'm Leslie. I love coffee, asian food, taking pictures, planners, graphic design, organizing and cleaning my house, Wreck It Ralph, my three kids, my amazing husband and a God whose constant blessing I am most grateful for.

I started Limelife many years ago out of my desire for a flexible, customizable planning system with uncluttered designs and fun colors!