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Dot Grid Notebooks; A Month of Planning, 4 Unique Ways!

By Leslie Sleesman on April 23, 2018

Dot Grid Notebooks; A Month of Planning, 4 Unique Ways!

Dot Grid Notebooks; A Month of Planning, 4 Unique Ways!

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New To Planning? Some "Do's" and "Don'ts" to Get You Started and Keep You Happy!

By Leslie Sleesman on April 16, 2018

New To Planning? Some "Do's" and "Don'ts" to Get You Started and Keep You Happy!

New to planning? Here are some "do's" and "don'ts" to get you started and keep you happy!

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Using Limelife Notebooks for Home Decorating

By Leslie Sleesman on April 09, 2018

Using Limelife Notebooks for Home Decorating

Buying a home, renovating a home, or anything that has to do with such a big step such as homeowning can be stressful. Limelight Planners Media Creative Team member, Heather, walks you through how to have everything you need in one place.

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Creative and PR Teams; 5 Tips, Tricks and Secrets from the Shop/Business Owner's Perspective

By Leslie Sleesman on April 03, 2018

Creative and PR Teams; 5 Tips, Tricks and Secrets from the Shop/Business Owner's Perspective

Lots of planner companies and sticker/accessory shops have them, but — what are they? How do I get on one? And - why would I want to?

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Simplify Your Week With Meal Planning

By Leslie Sleesman on March 22, 2018

Limelife Planners

"What should I make for dinner tonight?" That is the question that keeps take-out restaurants in business. Far too much time is wasted each night figuring meals out on the fly. Simplify the process by having your plans and ingredients ready to go by preparing once a week in advance. See how CMT member Kelly successfully handles the task with the help of Limelife Planners Meal Planning Notebooks.


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Using Monthly Spreads for Better Planning

By Leslie Sleesman on March 15, 2018

Using Monthly Spreads for Better Planning

In a planner world crazy about weekly layouts, it's easy to forget how useful monthly spreads can be in keeping you organized. Read about how Limelife's MCT member, Jenn (Instagram: @JennS_90), bridges the gap between “just cute” and “functional" and makes full use of her monthly spreads. 

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Join the Limelife Media & Creative Team!

By Katie Poppe on December 18, 2017

Join the Limelife Media & Creative Team!

We are seeking fresh, talented individuals for our Media & Creative Team! With a new year around the corner we thought this would be a great time to announce and select our new team.

Who We Want

We want passionate planners. We want the people that keep it simple and the people that get creative with all of the bells and whistles. We want anyone who is passionate about productivity, goals, and the power of writing it down. We want people that are into their art journals and lovers of the Traveler's Notebook systems!

Stand out applicants will have:

Beautiful Photography

A lot of what we ask from you is pretty images. We love sharing your pictures of Limelife products on Instagram and we want to see your planning in all it's HD glory. Here's an example of an excellent photo from a blog post written by past M&CT member Meka Allen. 

You don't need a fancy lighting rig or super expensive camera (although that's great if you do have that!). Find some time to take your pictures during the day, in front of a window with natural light and capture a nice picture with your phone. Here are some resources with tips on how to get great photos. There is a lot of info on flat lay photography but don't be afraid to break the stationery mold and take a different route: 


By creativity we don't mean you have to be the next Michelangelo. What we really want is for you to have a creative mind so you can write about topics that you would want to read about. A big part of the M&CT job is writing blog posts. We want you to come to the team full of ideas on what you want to write and what images you want to share with our readers. Here's an example of a great post from Katie Clark.

10 Dollar Tree Planner Supplies


We want folks who are passionate about Limelife Planners. We are proud of being a small business. We are proud to create products that help people achieve their goals. We want our Media & Creative Team members to feel the same way.

How It Works

In exchange for us sending you Limelife Planners goodies, you will write blog posts and share Instagram images of your Limelife "stuff."


  • Write three planner/organization/crafty related blog posts per month. Dates will vary and can be set up to accommodate your schedule. We will also work with you to come up with blog topics if needed. In lieu of blog posts you can create 2 high quality YouTube videos per month featuring Limelife Planners products.
  • Share at least 4 of your own images per month on your personal Instagram account, and tag #lovemylimelife, #limelifeplanners, #limelifeplanner. Most of the time we will be "re-gramming" these images on our Instagram account (follow us @limelifeplanners).
  • Email Katie with a headshot of yourself that will be used for our website and the footer of your blog posts ( 

In return, you'll get a FREE Limelife Planner of you choice as well as an advance sample of new products that we release during your time on our Media and Creative Team.

Media and Creative Team members are hired for 5 month contracts.

How to Apply

Email your application to

Include the following:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Social Links (Instagram, Pinterest, Blog, Youtube, etc.)
  • Attach 3 of your best product images to the email.
  • Statement of Interest (tell us why you want to be on our team)

We will be choosing members by January 10th, and we are asking that you apply no later than January 5th at midnight. Good luck!


Take Note!

By Katie Poppe on August 07, 2017

Take Note!

One of the great features of Limelife’s planners is the amount of note pages included. There are so many different ways you can use them: taking notes, meal planning, grocery lists, to-do lists, packing lists, etc. I find myself using the notes pages around the monthly spread for to-do lists of things that should get done at some point in that month, but don’t have to be done on a specific date.

I’ve also used the pages near the monthly spread as a place to make a packing list. I went on a trip over my spring break in March, so I made my packing list on the March notes pages. This is one of my favorite uses for the notes pages, not only because it helps me ensure I have everything I need for a trip, but because it also means I have a fun trip planned :) In this case, my categories were clothes, toiletries, and miscellaneous. I split clothes into tops & dresses, bottoms, shoes, and miscellaneous to make sure I covered everything.

I typically use the notes section at the back of the planner for taking notes at miscellaneous meetings. During this last year of college, I had a variety of groups and meetings I had to attend, but none of them were frequent enough to need their own notebook. I also use it for notes about things I need to get set up – for example, I was recently looking for an apartment so I used the notes pages as a place to keep information about that (phone numbers, addresses, prices, dates of showings, etc.).

20-Something Summer Bucket List

By Kristan Kremer on July 31, 2017

It’s officially summer now, so I figured it was time to throw together a summer bucket list! As a recent college grad myself, most of these activities are geared towards the twenty-something audience (but many are also pretty versatile).

As a midwesterner through and through, I have learned to love each season as it is present. I miss winter in the summer, and I miss the summer in the winter. I think having four pretty distinct seasons makes me appreciate each one more.

This is my first summer whose end won’t be marked by returning to school. During the last few weeks, I’ve been making little notes in my planner when I got ideas of things to do this summer. I’ve compiled some of them here!


Free Printables and Downloads

By Kristan Kremer on June 28, 2017


In addition to all of the wonderful products you can purchase from Limelife, they also offer a variety of printables for FREE! You can view them all here!



There are general ones such as calendar pages, a meal tracker, and several home-related checklists. I’m using the calendar pages this summer while I have a roommate so we can be aware of each others’ schedules/when one of us might be gone for a bit. We keep it on a bulletin board in the kitchen!


Also available are a variety of education printables, which are really awesome according to some teachers I’ve heard from (I think they look awesome too, but I’m not a teacher).


Lastly, there are also desktop wallpaper downloads. I used the Mandy Desktop Wallpaper on my computer at my internship last summer and was always getting comments from others about how cute it is. Once I get situated at my new job, I’ll get a Limelife wallpaper on that computer too – they are great for adding a pop of color to your workspace!



You don’t need any sort of code to get the printables and downloads for free, but if you’re interested in purchasing something else, here’s $10 off!


Feel free to say hi on Instagram! I’d love to see how you use Limelife printables!