Using Limelife Notebooks for Home Decorating

Hey, there planner friend!

We all know that at some point we're going to buy a home, most of us that is. Buying a home, renovating a home, or anything that has to do with such a big step such as homeowning can be stressful and being the planner that I am, like to make sure that I have everything I need along the way in one place.

In my business, notebooks are essential for me to track print lists, inventory, product designs, and more. When it comes to buying our first home, it is no different. As we work towards closing in April, I'm keeping track of house specs and design elements with the Limelife Planners Dot Grid & Lined Notebooks.

I love the design choices that you have when customizing your notebooks at Limelife - the "Lauren" and "Fannie" covers work great as home notebooks! Now you can get personalization on the covers, but I'm more of a minimalistic kind of gal with certain designs. I've been binge watching Fixer Upper, so the "Fannie" cover couldn't have been the more perfect design with the palm wreath and shiplap.

Some of the things that I'm currently keeping note of in my notebooks are what my house amenities are. This is a 175-year-old home with a lot of history for its location! We want to keep the decor and design elements as close to the timeframe as possible with a few geeky nods. This house is enormous so we have to plan out where everything is going to go when we move.

I'm also working on the layout for my office, which will be moving from the first floor in my current home to the second floor of the new home. Before moving all my machines, desks, inventory, etc. I need to go in and make a few upgrades. The dot grid notebook comes in handy as I can re-create the floorplan to figure out the best placement for my new office space.

Another plus to the dot grid notebooks is that it is perfect for storing paint swatches, creating mood boards for the space, and even helping me keep track of the decor elements I want to add to my office. I'm going to be adding more pages in as we get closer to our move-in date for decor items that need to go in the other rooms in the house. Thankfully a lot of the house does not need any repainting or major remodeling. Sometimes when you purchase an older home you can run into issues which require a lot of overhauls. I know I will be using the FREE Home Improvement printable from Limelife Planners in conjunction with these notebooks to make this new house the home my husband and I want it to be.

I'm hoping to document more on the journey to being a homeowner and bringing a lot of life into this historic home. If you think these notebooks might be a great fit for your next project, be sure to click here for a $10 off $25 purchase at Limelife Planners.

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