Creative and PR Teams; 5 Tips, Tricks and Secrets from the Shop/Business Owner's Perspective

Creative and PR Teams, 5 Tips, Tricks and Secrets from the Shop/Business Owner's Perspective

PR Teams and Creative Teams — Lots of planner companies and sticker/accessory shops have them, but — what are they? How do I get on one? And - why would I want to?

A PR team — a public relations team — in terms of the planner world is 99% of the time a group of ladies (though I’ve seen a gentleman or two take on the female-dominated planner world!) who could be considered “brand-fanatics.” They are super-passionate about the brand that is looking for a team, likely having already purchased several things from that business or shop, with more on the way. Their social media accounts are also probably plastered with photos of that shop’s products.

And, when those PR Team applications come out (which is how 99% of teams are chosen), the excited sounds those ladies make likely break the sound barrier.

But - knowing, of course, that a PR/Creative team will become one of the major “faces” of a company on social media - there are still several questions that often go unanswered, unless you already are a shop owner, or already are on a PR team.

So, here are 5 tips, tricks and secrets from the mouths of some of my favorite shop owners, themselves — including Limelife’s own Miss Leslie and Media Team Member Heather, Owner of “The Sassy Mal” on Etsy! - about PR teams: what they look for to put a team together, what they expect from their team, and more.

1 - Be excited, be a good customer, and be loyal!

Not just the ‘I bought a couple times, and like their stuff, so why not?’ kind of loyalty, but the ‘This is my ride or die shop for xyz’ kind of loyalty. If four out of five of the planner pictures you’re taking have that shop’s product(s) in them - you’re a loyal customer. Your purchases, and obvious excitement about them in your social media profiles when they arrive make you a great contender for a PR team! If you’re looking to get on a PR team for a sticker shop, use their stickers - a lot. If it’s for a planner shop, use their planner(s) — a lot. And show them off.

    2 - Social-Media Interaction.

    Make yourself a presence in any of the social media profiles or groups that the brand might have. Interact with other customers! If they have a question you know the answer to, offer it — and if you don’t know, do the research to help them out! Know the brand and offer help when it’s appropriate. Get to know the shop/biz owner, too, as best you can, as well as anyone else involved with them and the brand. What’s a constant from all the shop/business owners I asked is the incredible friendships that they’ve built in the planner community. Reach out, make a friend, and see what happens. [ I can speak to this first-hand; I wouldn’t have some of my greatest friends right now, were it not for the planner community, and the Limelife team!  ]

    I’m using the Limelife A5 Dot Grid Page Add-on as a tracker for the shops I PR for J They’re sitting pretty in a Keelindori A5 binder! (Links below)

    3 - Social-Media Presence.
    It’s all well-and-good to interact with people on Instagram, or in a Facebook group, but you also need to have your own profiles that show off your style, your personality, and how you’re using Brand X’s products. Take killer pictures — look up some tutorials or blog posts on the best ways to photograph stationary / stickers / etc. and practice.

    I can’t stress that enough - practice. When I look back at the first pictures I took of my planner, to now, I’m both appalled (because, real talk: they’re terrible...) and proud, because I’ve learned, and studied others! Show off the things you’ve bought from Brand X, and make your excitement about their products ring out loud and clear. Shop owners want you to spread that love and excitement with your followers, and get other people interested — especially people they might not reach.

    I think Leslie put it best: “In the days of social media platforms changing their algorithms 80 times a month, and exposure for business accounts not being ‘great,’ unless you’re spending a lot of money, PR teams can be ‘a huge blessing for small business.’ You’re getting the product out there for the business and reaching YOUR circle. Multiply that by a team of five, and that’s five potentially different circles, exposed to Brand X.

    4 - Avoid the “Planner Famous” Trap.
    You don’t have to have 50,000 followers to make a difference. It’s pretty clear by looking at someone’s profiles whether they’re in the PR game for the “free stuff,” or they genuinely love and want to support a brand. The person with 50k followers might do the bare minimum, where the person with 400 might go above and beyond. The person who’s considered “planner famous” might be all around terrible — and the person who has 400 followers might be the nicest person you’ve ever met! Enthusiasm and niceness will mean everything to a small business. Which leads me to--

    5 - Have and be fun.
    One of the best things I heard when I reached out to shop owners for their input was “Nobody likes Debbie Downer.” You don’t have to be “fake,” either, because life isn’t all sunshine, unicorns and rainbows - but a genuine excitement and joy in regards to Brand X’s ‘pretties’ will come through when you let them shine.   The planner community is one of the most supportive and fun communities I’ve ever been involved in. We can encourage others in their creativity, their interests, and their small business ventures! If you get that opportunity and score a spot on a PR team, treat it with reverence and do it, and the shop that believes in you, justice — and don’t be afraid to enjoy the ride!

    Are you looking to win a spot on a PR team? Do you still have questions about PR teams from the shop owner’s perspective? Drop them in the comments! 

    I’ll be writing another blog, soon, on PR teams from the PR Girl’s perspective ~ What’s it like on our side of the Instagram profile?

    Can’t wait to hear from you soon! Xo
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