Hey Planner Friends!  

I want to show you a walk-through of my Keelindori Traveler's Notebook with Limelife Inserts.  I use this as a bullet journal and currently have seven "books" inside.  I'm new to Traveler's Notebooks but I really love their form and flexibility.  I remove books for detailed writing and love that they lay flat.  The books themselves aren't very thick, so they are perfect for writing and lettering.  Sometimes the huge coil got in the way in my 7x9 planner.  For me, planning is both functional and a creative outlet, so I had trouble committing to one particular design or layout for any length of time.  Since these are meant to last 3 or so months (minus those with a year long view such as monthly calendars or gratitude lots) it's perfect for me.  I also found myself not using the monthly view in any of my planners, so this way I can easily eliminate it and focus on what I DO use.  

Take a Look Inside my Traveler's Notebook

The first book is a dot grid with the Stacey cover.  The second is also a dot grid but with the Lauren cover.  I use both for bullet journal type pages, but the Stacey book is up front and for shorter term plans, and the Lauren book is for longer term.  I make weekly layouts in the Stacey dot grid and tracker pages, such as summer plans or Instagram followers with the Lauren dot grid.  I'm sometimes a sticker hoarder when I get one I just love, so I frequently put my favorite stickers on the outside of the books and see them more often.
I love that I can pick different covers for each, because it's easier to identify.  I will always get the fitness inserts with Rachel, for instance.  Speaking of Rachel, that is my next book!  I was carrying a separate fitness notebook but abandoned it because it was so heavy.  I love being able to journal for health reasons, though!  It's the perfect size.
Next up is gratitude.  There is one line per day and a few notes in the back for more detailed gratitude entries.
My fifth book is a plain lined notebook.  I read a lot of books, and I love writing down notes or good quotations I'd like to remember.
The last two I use for work.  I've combined a work planner into this Traveler's Notebook, so I use the sixth book with daily pages inside for detailed plans, and the seventh for taking notes during meetings.
My six year old loves to trade Pokemon cards, so I also have a two vinyl dashboards surrounding the books where I keep stamps and his latest treasures. 

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