In my house, there always seems to be confusion as to the who, what, when and wheres -- honestly, you'd think that I have some huge family but nope, there's only the three of us and my two in-laws. Keeping the schedule of four adults and a special needs kid is tough sometimes! 
In an effort to keep us all straight I started branching out from my planner. I really disliked my husband looking through my planner, and *gasp* trying to write things down on my calendar. Then there are my in-laws asking oodles of questions about our schedules so I started hanging a monthly calendar on the fridge. My son is all about his schedule and frankly, so am I. Even with the monthly calendar, my family seemed overwhelmed and clueless at what exactly was going on so I thought a more detailed weekly list would help.

Usually I sit down on the weekend and have 'planner time' to ensure everything is squared away. Once I get my planner straight and ready to rock, I pull out the weekly pad to make a condensed and easy-to-read version for my boys and in-laws. This weekly pad is amazing! The possibilities are endless and with the large areas for notes and task list, you could use this for so many other things, not just a schedule for your home. 

I hope to also utilize this more and incorporate a dinner menu as well. I'm terrible at meal planning and would like to streamline our household more. Another idea I had was to use this sheet as a way to track homework and story time for my son. I admit, I do get a bit lazy during the summer when it comes to keeping a schedule for him and would like to use this to make myself more accountable.

As soon as I hung this weekly page up, my husband was impressed. I told the house that there was room for them to make notes and add on so that we all have our input up there. I absolutely love how it brightens up our fridge and is so accessible to the whole house.

If you use a Limelife Weekly Planner Pad what do you use it for?! Work, home school? Email us at we'd love to see it! 

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