The Limelife Planners Menu Planning Add-On has been a great help to me and my family. I love the simplicity and design of the planner. I have a family of four: two adults, a 4.5 year old, and a 2.5 year old. Having all of our tastes line up is difficult. Before using the menu planning add-on, we would just buy whatever looked good at the store and figure out the actual meals on the fly. This was stressing me out. I would look in the fridge and cabinets and have no idea what I was going to make that would please everyone in the house. Once I started using the menu planner I felt so much better and in control at meal time.

The grocery list keeps me organized. Having it placed on the same page as the meal planning means once I decide on the meal I am able to jot down all the ingredients that are needed to create the meal. No more guessing and hoping I have what I need! Once I have a completed weekly menu and grocery list I take a picture of it with my phone. This way I have it with me and I can send it to my husband if he is the one doing the shopping. I usually don’t plan out a budget for my shopping, however I do like to write down what we spent so I can get an idea of how much we are spending from week to week.

This week I started tracking my own personal food intake using the menu planner. I jot down what I ate, including snacks. I’ve been working on being healthier and counting calories. Using the menu planner is just another way to track and journal my food.

Hopefully, using this menu planner will help me develop a healthier relationship with food and make my time in the grocery store and the kitchen more pleasant. So far, it has been great!

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