We all wake up to an alarm in the morning, right?  Your phone alarm, your alarm clock in your room, your cat batting at your hair, your dog whimpering to be let outside, the smell of coffee from the kitchen (for those of us that live in a Folgers commercial) or the little pitter patter feet of your kiddos coming down the hall...those are all alarms that we are used hearing in the morning and responding to. After we wake up, we often forget the alarm until the next morning.

A LONG time ago (we're talking YEARS ago) I started setting my alarm during the day to remind me of things I would often forget.  I would set my alarm to go off at the same time everyday to remind me to take my prescription. Once I became a mom and inherited 'Mom Brain' I started setting setting my alarm to remind me to do silly little things that I would forget otherwise. 

Exhibit A:   Last week I was laying in bed and I realized I needed the phone number off the back of the remote to call our local DirecTV installation guy.  I would have totally forgot in the morning before I left to do my daily school drop-off and run around (which is when I make most of my phone calls)... so I grabbed my phone and...

Photo Apr 08, 11 13 54 PM.png
Photo Apr 08, 11 14 02 PM.png

I always set the time for a time where I know I'll be in a situation to actually be able to do what I'm setting the alarm to remind me to do!  I knew I'd be up and moving, out of the shower and getting ready to leave at 6:22am.  (I like the weird times... because I'm weird like that.) It's important that you set the alarm for a time when you can realistically do the task! Hitting snooze a bunch of times isn't effective. If you find yourself in a situation where you can't do it when you thought you could, no sweat! Just set another alarm for  a better time and keep moving on with your day. 

This day I knew I had to do these two things at these two times and while they're in my planner on my weekly page written down... I knew at 9:30am I would be driving and wouldn't be looking at my planner so I needed the reminder for that specific time. The next time I open my planner, I'll be able to check off these two items, and who doesn't LOVE checking things off the to-do list? This is the perfect way to combine paper planning with our digital lifestyle.

Try it!  It's so easy and handy.  Leave a comment and let me know what you're setting your alarm to do tomorrow

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