One of the many {many!} reasons I love having a paper planner is having my schedule, meal plan, and to-do list right at my fingertips.  I am totally the girl that carries her planner everywhere.  I can’t imagine doing life without having all of that information handy.  Carrying a planner, along with everything else I need as a mom to three littles, requires a bag that is up to the challenge.

I absolutely love the Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags.  They’re not your typical mom-jean-fanny-pack, winnie-the-pooh-adorned diaper bags, but are so much more durable than a fashion bag.  I own four of these; I use two for daily use, one as a camera bag, and one as an overnight bag.

Here’s a look at what I keep in my daily bags.

I mostly use this bigger bag, the City Carryall.  In my bag, I carry my wallet, diapers and wipes, a Petunia Pickle Bottom Powder Room Case full of essentials, my coupon bag, Tylenol, hand sanitizer, a Perfectly Posh Healer stick {cures everything - rashes, burns, stings, bites, dry skin}, snacks, hair pomade for my boys, a favorite pen, gym tags for the kids, my house book {a notebook with paint samples and fabric swatches for each room of our home - makes shopping for the house a breeze!}, toys for my boys, a tape measure, a Tide pen, lipstick, sunnies, and of course - my planner!

It seems like quite a bit, but every mom knows the need to have a Mary Poppins-esque bag with anything and everything to stave off a toddler tantrum.  Everything pictured fits so well into the bag, with plenty of room to toss keys and my phone on top.

In case you’re curious about the Powder Room Case, here’s what I have stashed in there.


Tissues, tampons, earbuds, bobby pins, hair ties, extra pens, a key to the church building, cough drops, band-aids, my checkbook, and nail-care essentials.

If I’m going out without my gaggle of children {or if I’m in the mood for a smaller bag}, I reach for my Touring Tote.  I just transfer over my wallet, Powder Room Case, and of course my planner.

My planner fits perfectly in each bag, with plenty of room to zip.  I just love that if I find myself at the grocery, I have my meal plan and grocery list handy.  If I’m making plans with another mom, or at the doctor’s office, I have my schedule handy.  I don’t need to take one of the annoying cards {that I always lose!  always!} to remember my appointment; I have my planner at the ready.

Another bonus?  I spend an undisclosed amount of time in line at a Starbucks drive-through each week {day?}, and I can always pull out my planner to update my to-do list or {my favorite!} cross things off.

What about you?  How do you carry your planner?

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