I have a new love-my Limelife Planner. Being head over heels for a planner is nothing new for me. It seems my love affair with planning goes as far back as grade school.  However, what is NEW for me is juggling being a wife, an entrepreneur and now a full time mom. Last month I made the choice to stay home with my son and start my own business. After a month of being home and working around the clock, I realized I needed to breakup with my old planner-it wasn’t getting things done. I needed something with more oomph, with more details that allowed me to organize my personal and professional goals all in the same place. Enter my new Limelife Planner. 

It’s only been a week, but I am happy to announce that I am in love with this planner already. First the “F” weekly layout is awesome. I have the space I need to schedule personal/family appointments while maintaining a separate To Do list. This layout makes it easier to prioritize my tasks and identify where I can be flexible throughout the week.

Second I have the Social Media add-on which is perfect for scheduling my online tactics to support the launch of my new business.

So far I’m feeling pretty hopeful that this planner will allow me to be better organized and meet my deadlines. It’s already helped to improve my ability to get work done when I’m out and about with my son. Since everything is in one place, I've been able to cut down on what I carry with me to get work done. Gone are the days of the cute laptop bag, purse and everything that comes with that. I've got a stroller, baby bag and an 18 pound kid to lug around. So being able to brainstorm, organize my thoughts and plan in one place while having everything that I need for my son has made a huge difference. I’m eager to see how this new planner relationship goes. 

What planner magic tips do you have when it comes to managing your personal and professional lives?

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