Having an online business can be overwhelming.  Whether you’re a blogger, YouTuber, or online shop owner keeping track of everything that needs to be done can be mind-numbing.  Sure we can use our daily planner pages, but some days you need much more!

I utilize the Social Media Digital Download from Limelife Planners.  It keeps me on track with regular posting to the massively important social media.  What I love about it is, you can purchase the download and then it’s yours!  You can print off as much as you need.

I personally print off one at a time and keep it in a pocket in my planner.  This way I have access to my social media pages at all times.  The “Blog Post Plan Page” is perfect for organizing yourself for sponsored content.  It helps to have a place to assemble the criteria for the post.

I tend to neglect the Facebook page for my blog.  Since I’ve started using the “Facebook Plan Page”, I can prep an outline of what I want to post.  It helps so much to be able to write everything all down and see the month in front of you.

I highly recommend purchasing the Social Media Digital Download!  You could even hole punch it and create your own binder.  I transfer mine to a binder when I’m finished with them.  I just like to keep track of everything for future reference.

How do you keep yourself organized with posting to social media?

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