I have a bit of a problem. Well, it's a problem for my husband and bank account, but not for me! I've become somewhat of a fanatic when it comes to purchasing and making stickers to use in my planner. I just can't seem to help it. When the mail lady comes by and I see that there's a fun envelope or package for me, it's like my birthday came early!

I have struggled with the best way to keep them together but as my collection grows, I've had to come up with new ways. I want to keep them organized and neat. There's a lot of hard work and money in them! Each of you will have your own method and it's all about finding the one that works best for you. This is how I keep my craziness together.

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I started small. I had a small stack in a zippered pouch. Then my pile grew and I used an accordion file. That worked for quite awhile and it was easy and portable. It was easy to label and organize them by category. The only drawback was I wanted to be able to organize them by shop. This would allow me to see what I was low on and re-order easily. Some of the shops don't put their shop names on their stickers and I would have to scroll through all of my Etsy receipts to figure out what's what. I also tried using baseball card pockets and photo pockets but my stickers kept falling out. 
Making a binder is super easy! I used my Cricut Explore to make the tabs. I simply printed the tabs on sticker paper, laminated the printed side with self-adhesive laminate and then cut. Using coordinating cardstock I attached the tabs and used hole reinforcers to make sure my dividers where durable. 

You can use double sided tape, an adhesive runner or whatever glue stick you have handy to attach your stickers to a piece of filler paper. I used white cardstock that I punched with a three hole punch. 

I have really enjoyed this system. It's easy to add and remove stickers. I can keep my stickers flat and organized. The folder is easily portable and I can take it anywhere!

How do you store your stickers? Any tips or tricks? Share with us!

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