I have a hard time sticking to a schedule during the day and in turn that means a lot doesn't get done. I can have to do lists out the wazoo, but if I don't have a hourly schedule nothing gets accomplished. I started using the Daily Hourly Paper Pad from Limelife Planners and it has made a huge difference in my every day schedule. 

On the left hand side I like to put what blog posts I still have left to write along with their due dates. If I finish one that day I mark it off. If I still need to work on it I add to the next day's list. This goes along with the rest of my to do list. 

The right has time slots which helps me stay on track for the day. It even has a space where you can add your quote for the day. This is a good place to put something motivational.

At the bottom there is a place for reminders. I put important appointments/activities in this section, that way I can remember what needs to be done for the coming weeks.

How do you keep track of your daily schedule?

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