I have officially become so planner obsessed that I can’t stand to be without my supplies for any amount of time. I force myself to leave the supplies at home during class. I would never pay attention otherwise, but bets are off for anywhere else! Dog sitting for one night? Must have it! At the boyfriend’s for the weekend? Give me the planner supplies! Coffee date with my newly planner obsessed friend? Obviously! The problem is - how am I supposed to carry washi, stickers, scissors, glue sticks and page flags around??

Problem solved thanks to my new Orla Kiely Weekender bag! It holds so much stuff, including my planner, I can’t even believe it. I’ve seen people use them for planner supplies before and let me tell you – the hype is real!

One pocket holds my stickers, washi, scissors, page flags, and corner rounder, the middle insert is the perfect place to hold pens, and the other pocket fits my Limelife Planner all snug and secure. I purchased a 5x7 photo case from Michaels to hold stickers and I’m using the poly envelope I bought from Dollar Tree to hold my page flags.

I absolutely adore having options when I’m planning away from my natural environment. Before, I was always missing the sticker I wanted (needed!) to signify my weekend getaway or I needed a tape runner to securely attach those pesky, but cute, Target page flags. And don’t get me started about pens! I love to color code and coordinate; I own more pens than any reasonable person should and it would be impossible to carry every shade of blue my little heart could desire. This bag is my lifesaver – cute, compact, and spacious enough for all 10 blue pens!

The best part about this bag? I found it at Ulta on clearance!! I missed out on them when they were at Target so I was thrilled to hear that Ulta would be carrying them – until I saw the Ulta price tag was twice as high as the Target one. Totally by chance I walked by the clearance shelf and there she was all bright, beautiful, and half off!

So what about you? Did I inspire you to rush off to the nearest clearance aisle? Or, and it pains me to say this, do you have a better system that I should know about? Let me know in the comments!

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