As you probably know, I own a shop on Etsy (well, two actually, but one is for planner supplies!) and since I have been in love with the Limelife Planner for some time now, I make custom-sized stickers for the Limelife Planner.

The layout I am most in love with is the ‘Option C’ which is the layout with the 6 horizontal rows. I love customizing my own labels for each family member (there are 4 of us) plus one row for ‘Home’ and one row for “To Do.’ I make these available in any color or wording you choose. I also make the same labels in a glitter version. While these can’t be any color as there are only a few colors I can make them, you are able to customize the wording how ever you’d like.

I also make the glitter label stickers for the Limelife Planner ‘Option A’ and also for ‘Option C.' The boxes have a specific size, to which I can make them fit to any specific size you need. The glitter labels I make have been very popular since the first day I introduced them, so naturally those were the first ones I made available in the Limelife Planner size.

I also have the vertical hydrate stickers available to fit the Limelife Planner ‘Option A.’ They are long enough to fill the entire box!

Feel free to check out my shop at, and shoot me a message if you don’t see what you need! 

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