The end of the school year is upon us!  Some of you lucky ones have been out for a few weeks, but my kiddos are done on Thursday.  We’re busy with the typical rush:  last-minute projects, performances, celebrations, and kindergarten graduation for my daughter.  We’ve had an especially wonderful year, and I’ve been trying to think of a meaningful gift for her teacher.  In my mind, there’s nothing worse than spending money on a gift that I'm not sure will be used.

As soon as Limelife Planners announced the teacher planner, I knew I’d struck gold.  I personally love my planner, so I know it’s a gift that will be used and loved.  As a former teacher myself, I know the value of a good teacher planner!  I’m so happy they offer the option of a printable gift certificate so that the teacher can fully customize (and also so that I can procrastinate and throw this together the night before).

If you have some time to plan ahead, consider a gift from one of these darling Etsy stores.  Ello There makes lovely paper products (among other things!), and I think a package of their cute greeting cards would be a really thoughtful and unique gift.  

Brim Papery has some super fun items.  I have one of her mugs, and it’s really nice.  I also have my eye on that tote bag!

If you’re operating on a tight gift budget, there are still some cute and meaningful ways to say thank you.  One year, I bought a package of fresh berries for each teacher (who doesn’t love berries?) and attached a sweet tag.  Another family favorite here is to make some homemade cookies or bread.

Gift cards are, of course, always a good option.  My go-to gift card choices are iTunes (teachers will use these for classroom songs and apps, as well as for their own enjoyment!), a local teacher supply store, Target, and (of course) Starbucks.  I love to dress up the packaging to make it feel a little more personal.

As with any gift, a heartfelt note will always be appreciated.  This year, my daughter’s principal sent a letter to each student about standardized testing.  It was really touching, and I cried and then shared it on Facebook.  It got quite a bit of really positive comments, so I printed them out and included that with the gift, and gave a copy to the principal.

However you choose to show your appreciation this year, chin up!  Lazy summer days are nearly here!

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