I think almost any planner addict will agree that washi tape is one of their essentials, but what do they use it for? Here are the 5 ways I use washi tape most often in my planner!

1) Decoration - I think this is a pretty common use and something most people have probably already thought of but I love it! I always block off my weekends with a strip of washi and it’s a great way to fill in leftover white space I have at the end of my week. #teamsomewhitespace!

2) Marking Events - I use washi tape in my monthly spread to block off long time periods of events. I just find it simpler and more aesthetically pleasing than writing in the same event for five days in a row.

3) Covering Words or Decoration – Sometimes, no matter how perfect your planner fits your schedule, there are words, sections, or decorations that just don’t go with your week and washi is a great way to cover those things up.

4) Reinforcing Binding – This one I don’t personally use as I haven’t uncoiled my planner, but for those who use a Kikki K or Filofax it can be nice to use a strip of washi on the edge of the pages. Using washi before punching holes makes the holes sturdy and helps them resist tearing when page flipping. 

5) Color Coding and Theming – I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of color coding or theming weeks around holidays. Washi is the perfect way for me to turn my whole week into a holiday or to help me emphasize a color for that week.

There are plenty of places to buy washi tape but my favorites so far have been Michaels, Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores, and Target. What about you? Any spectacular uses I’m missing out on? Do you know of a place I should be looking for washi tape? Let me know in the comments down below!

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