Summer is here! Wahoo! The kids are out of school and the summertime fun begins. As a planner, I naturally love planning out activities in advance and making lists.  Each season I create a list of things that I like to do by myself and with my family.  Now that the days are longer and my kids are free from school, I came up with a bucket list that I would love for us to complete.  

This year for my Limelife Planner I ordered the cutest stickers from Lillie Henry on Etsy. Erin’s stickers are one of a kind and so adorable. I couldn’t wait to get them in my planner to start the planning.  

I love them because I need to see things visually and they just make my planner so much prettier.

Now that I laid out all the days that we are doing special things, I also created a printable list to hang up so my kids get to see and check off the things we did and what else we can do.  

Download Bucket List Printable

Some things on the list include: finding a new park, going strawberry picking, camping in the backyard, painting on canvas, making s'mores, reading a good book, and so much more! After making my list, I made another list of supplies that I need to grab.  I put the supplies I need at the beginning of each week after I planned out the activities for the whole month. A planner has to plan doesn’t she?

I hope this list finds you as excited as I am about summer and fun activities. Will you be printing out your own summer bucket list? Let me know in the comments below!

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