Just when I thought my collection of planners was complete, Limelife comes out with Teacher Planners. Not only do they have teacher planners, but they also have three layouts to choose from. Come with me as I narrow down my choices to help fit my needs and the needs of my students.

At first, when I was basing next year on the last eight years of teaching middle school language arts, I was quite interested in Layout I, because it has plenty of space for extra requirements within a lesson plan such as standards and objectives.  I would personally like to place these requirements in the notes section for each day. Then, I would suggest placing accommodations for ELL, ESE, and gifted students in the sidebar. On the lines within the sidebar, I would have liked to include the strategies that I would be using during that current week.

Now that I know that next year is not following the same pattern as the rest of the years during my teaching career, I have taken a serious look at Layout J. 

Layout J appeals to my need for rotations. I plan on dividing my students into six groups and rotating them every two weeks. Then, I still have the last column for the requirements mentioned above.

My thoughts on Layout H have never changed; I still think it is the perfect layout for an elementary teacher. In fact I asked my sister, who happens to be an elementary teacher, to share her thoughts on the H layout. "The hourly schedule applies perfectly to a day in my life at school. I have so much to fit into one day being able to put it in time slots helps keep me on schedule and make sure my students stay in their routine," explains Jellisa Axson.

At my school, and I am sure at a lot of other schools, we keep a curriculum binder, so while I love the idea of having my planner in a coil with a fancy cover I must choose the 3-hole punch binding. Out of all the things I am looking forward to with this planner like the Parent Contact Information, 10 IEP sheets, Birthday & Special Dates pages, and Logins & Passwords page, I am looking forward to the 154 rectangle stickers the most!

I almost forgot to mention that you can also choose from four different covers. They include Blackboard, Study Hall, Spring Break, and Hall Pass. Limelife Planners is known for giving you options. They seriously think of everything! I for one am very thankful! With that said, I think I have made my final decision, and I am choosing Layout J. In essence, I truly believe that every teacher is by default a planner, and I am sure that any teacher, no matter what subject they may teach, can find the layout that meets the needs of their schedule and their plans for their students.  

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