Do you have a penpal or someone you would just like to send a little pick me up to and maybe include some RAK (random act of kindness) goodies? Well, have you heard about this new rage called “Pocket Letters?" It's a really cool way to do some scrapping with minimal scrapbooking experience needed. It is a bit on the same line as Project Life but smaller scale and personalized more for your pal.

You use inexpensive ATC (artist trading cards) pocket protectors that you can find at Target, the dollar store etc. At Target they can be found in the back by toys and those little collector cards but you can also find them close to the check out “impulse” items. You can cut down Project Life cards for the pockets, print and design your own or there are a lot of freebie sites to find them on.

The concept is to include a mini letter about yourself and each pocket has a particular item you are including with the decorated pocket. I will include what is off the pocket letter site to show you what a basic setup is, but this is something you make your own. Most have a theme that I have seen so that everything coordinates and this theme can be a particular color or particular item such as coffee, baking, pink, shabby chic, etc.

You RAK your penpal with things such as cute paperclips, stickers, washi tape, wood veneers, die cuts etc. All things that a scrapbook or planner would utilize.

It is a way to correspond with people all over the place. The way it folds up you can place it in a #10 envelope and send off to a far away place or someone just states away.

I am loving the concept because if you are like me you love to craft but time is very limited right now and you can finish these pocket letters in no time. Here is a look at how the protectors come.

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There are several really good Facebook groups just for Pocket Letters. My favorite is called “Pocket Letter Pals.” In most of the groups people will post when looking for someone to swap with and there are lists of ideas of what to include as goodies in each pocket.

I decided this is a great way to utilize your planner in keeping track of when you complete one and mail it. You can keep all your contacts in your planner with their address etc. and utilize the notes section to do a little bit of planning for them and keep track of who likes what. When you go to make one for your penpal it is all handy.

I did a little sketch in my notes section since there are plenty of note pages in my Limelife Planner. That is the great thing about Limelife. They have provided you with more than just a couple contact pages and notes. Everything is plentiful in the planner so I never feel like I can’t utilize them for fear of running out.

The hardest part for me since I am a newbie is knowing what theme or look I am going with and I think anything that is new you have to learn to jump in and test the waters and not be afraid to make mistakes or have it perfect the first time. There is plenty of time to improve. I sometimes tense up so much when starting something new (like planner decorating) because I am so afraid of it not being perfect or looking bad but that is part of the process and finding your groove.

It's all about the peace that comes from being creative and letting yourself go. I know with my personality that is the part I am working on. I just started drawing and I feel I am improving because I am more open to imperfection, which makes things more perfect over time. I have started to accept that I cannot be the best at everything no matter how hard I try and learn to not put so much pressure on myself by comparing myself to others. Be you…love you….accept yourself.

The planner and crafting world is so vast and with social media we are able to connect with so many people around the world. Pocket Letters allow you to share a bit of yourself and share some planner or crafting goodies that your penpal may not have access to because of the cost or availability. Show someone that you are thinking of them and brighten their day.

There is so much negativity in the world, so much hatred and cruelty and I for one want to see the positive in everything even though some days that is hard. This can be therapeutic for you and someone that may be going through a tough time and you might just make their day by sending one to them.

So give this a try, reach out to people you haven’t reached out to in a long while or someone new and show someone you are thinking of them. For more information on Pocket Letter Pals visit creator Janette Lane's blog:

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