I am currently using the Limelife Planner in layout option C for my family/personal planner. This means that during the summer, the kids' categories are going to be pretty blank. I’ve decided to utilize this time and blank space with the activities that they will be doing throughout the summer, and also for the chores that they will be completing throughout the summer. 

For this week, I decided to use the sidebar for their chores list, because I haven’t yet decided how I’m going to space things out and write out their chores in the daily boxes. I am either going to make a special custom sticker for myself or use a checklist. I like using checklists for everything!

The flags in the middle of the page will be used as a little mini journal, to document what they did throughout the day. We have lots of plans to do small trips throughout the summer, so this will be a fun way of capturing those memories!

I may also use the spaces within their rows to journal exclusively throughout the summer and keep the chores bar off to the right. I love the idea of art journaling right inside a planner!

How does your planning process change for the summer?

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