The majority of my planning is done at home, but I always pack a planning bag with me for on the go. I’m a bit of a frugal planner myself. I like to think outside the box when it comes to decorating and accessories for my planner. I thought long and hard about what would work best to carry my planner and my necessities. I wish I could take full credit for this idea, but I found this idea on a planner group. I’m totally grateful to the person that mentioned it!

I use a Bible cover! I purchased it at a local book store, but I know you can find them all over. It holds my planner, zips fully around it so my tabs don’t get bent, and has room for extra goodies. I don’t open my planner up and fit the cover into the sleeves because I prefer to pull my planner out anyway. I work outside the home 28 hours a week in the IT department for a large corporation. My job has me on the phone 100% of the time. This frees up my hands to work on my blog duties, edit video, edit photos, etc. while at work. I need my planner with me to look at what I have to work on and keep track of tasks. This is the reason I need an on the go planner setup.

On the left side of my bible cover I have a pen loop, a pocket, and a half sleeve. In my pocket I usually keep extra paper clips for marking places in paperwork, and usually my Staedtler pens. The half sleeve is super handy for notepads, and I keep a zipper pouch in there too that holds other randoms.

In my little clear zipper pouch I keep washi tape that matches my current week and month for things I want to mark in my planner. I also keep my Limelife Planners stickers and sheets of Avery labels that I’ve pre-stamped with my most used stamps in it. This is really convenient for when ideas arise like photos I need to take or video I want to film. Since I have these accessories with me, I can mark them in my planner and still have it match my current theme.

I tend to use a planner band to hold my planner secure since I also tuck loose papers and notes into my planner. Things that I eventually want to transfer into my planner. I find that using a planner band perfectly secures my planner tight so that nothing falls out. The one pictured here is from Office Depot and was only a couple dollars. It’s rubbery elastic so it stays exactly where I put it.

This setup works great for me! How do you plan on the go? What necessities do you need at all times?

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