With the 4th fast approaching, and many in the USA leaving for vacations, planning cookouts, parties and getting ready for a much needed long weekend, the words family and celebrations come to mind. We all come together to celebrate this fine day in July where on the 4th in 1776 we declared our independence from Great Britain. We think of fireworks, sparklers, burgers, brats, pool parties, and honoring those who fought for our freedom. This country is ultimately the “Home of the free, because of the brave!” This federal holiday is celebrated in so many ways and like all holidays I love capturing every moment with family and friends. It’s time to get together and, of course, take a million pictures!

Being the photographer in the family, everyone is always asking “Do you have your camera,” and “Can you take a few pictures please?” Of course, I set up a small shoot and snap away with a few planned poses in mind! My kids know all to well that if it’s any type of holiday, they are going to be dressed in holiday shirts or matching outfits and will be asked to take a few candids before we run out the door to conquer our plans for the day. 

I always try to snap a few quick photos of each of the kids alone and then together before they stain their shirts, and get sweaty and have no interest when we get to our destination. I usually grab them each a festive shirt for each holiday. I try not to go crazy when it comes to spending tons of money on these shirts, so I go to places like Target, Crazy 8, Carters, Old Navy or Walmart. This year's pick was from Crazy 8 for $6.99 each.  With the shirts all set to go it’s now time for the printable.

Each holiday I try to create a different printable for a photoshoot so I remember the day and year for keepsake. Since I usually print pictures and just place them in a bin for scrapbooking later, this works perfect for me. Now when I see pictures from the past year with the kids holding the printable I know what they were wearing and can put them all together.

 Download Free 4th of July Printable

When picking a spot for the picture, weather pending, I pick a blank wall in a well lit room. Natural lighting is best. I also love taking pictures in front of our house. We won’t be here forever so having memories in the front of our first home is nice touch. If you don’t want to try the front of the house, consider taking photos in front of a tree. Even just sitting in the grass is a great touch. Make it your own!


Now that I’ve given you some great reasons to take your own photographs on holidays, go print this free 4th of July printable and take your family's pictures. They will for sure be a great memory to keep! Have a happy and safe 4th of July!

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