Limelife offers a variety of layout options for the weekly planners—which is awesome—but it can also be difficult to choose the layout that works best for your lifestyle.  Here’s a peek at how your standard-issue stay-at-home-mom (me!) uses Layout A*.

This layout has three vertical boxes for each day.  I use these to plan out what I need to get done.  When I plan, I don’t write appointments or events on my weekly pages; those only go on the monthly pages.  My weekly pages are only for writing what needs accomplished that day.  So for this layout, I use the top box for my morning to-dos.  Anything that needs taken care of before my kids’ naptime goes here.

My middle box is for what I like to call the ‘naptime hustle.’  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes this includes a nap for myself, Netflix, or a good book.  I like to plan in leisure time on some days during naptime so that I don’t feel like I’m going non-stop (as it’s easy to do with young children!).  Of course, many days this includes cleaning, starting dinner, laundry, or editing photos for my small photography business.

The last box is for evening to-dos.  My kids are still really young, so they go to bed early.  I have plenty of time in the evenings to work on projects, so I’ll often plan ahead for those projects.  I don’t feel like I’m procrastinating if it’s written down ahead of time.

I use the running ‘TO DO’ list on the left side to write down the major projects that need tackled that week.  As I’m planning each day, I’ll refer to that list, and plan accordingly.  I can segment the projects out in reasonable tasks, while keeping an eye on the week as a whole.

The ‘weekly goal’ box on the bottom left is for things that ABSOLUTELY must get done that week.  No excuses.  I know that if I see something written here, I better get working.

I’ve been so happy with this layout for two years now, but my new planner arriving in the coming weeks will have a new layout!  I’m nerdishly excited and nervous to try something new! Which Limelife Planners layout do you use?

* The planner pictured is the 2014/2015 Limelife Planner. 

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