Got messy drawers? Haha, I couldn’t help myself on that one! I have some Alex drawers from Ikea that I love, but no matter how much I try to keep them organized or in neat piles, the things in them get tossed around. With the opening and closing of the drawers or tossing things back in and then planning to go back later and tidy them up they become messy over time.

Solution: DIY your own drawer dividers! With some foam board and a exacto knife and a little hot glue we got ourselves a parrrrtay! 

First I looked at my drawers (which typically are pretty tidy) and the neatly stacked piles do not stay that way when I am frantically opening and closing them in the fury that happens in my craft room.

I am not just a planner gal I am a crafter so I have all sorts of crafting supplies as well as planning supplies. My planning supplies are not as plentiful as my crafting supplies because I am a newbie with planning (at least the serious planning aka decorating). 

My love for washi tape has really grown and I am now totally obsessed with finding all the pretty washi I can buy (hoard).

Having it front and center was my utmost important task so I can (cough cough) use it.  I measured my overall width and depth of the drawer and then set out to figure what items were important enough to designate a whole divided section in my drawers. So for drawer #1 it was washi (plenty of space for growing). I did a few other drawers with project life cards, large sticky note pads, stamps, page flags and smaller sticky notes. 

I figured out the size everything needed to be and just sketched a rough draft of how I was laying it out. It changed once from my original vision because I realized the drawer I planned on having washi tape in was much deeper so I moved it to a more shallow drawer.

I bought several sheets of foam board at the dollar store and cut all the pieces I needed and made sure the height would not be taller than the drawer sides.  I marked everything on the foam board and cut with the X-Acto knife. The good thing is if you mess up, foam board is super cheap. I then cut some support pieces to put in between the rows. I just hot glued them in place. I have a high heat glue gun and trust me those pieces aren’t going anywhere! You can choose to cut some slits in the pieces to put them together in a criss-cross manner. 

My husband decided he wanted to help and honestly it took us twice as long to get one drawer done as it did when I worked alone. I mean seriously, he mentioned power tools and I thought I was going to die laughing. His idea of what needed to happen was so different than my plan. So I was happy that he decided to partake in a beverage outside so I could take over the project. I managed to do two drawers quickly. 

So hopefully you at least see that with a few dollars (and a husband that will leave you alone with your project) and a few tools you can make your drawers much neater!  

Will you be making your own foam board drawer dividers? Let me know in the comments below!

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