When I lived in South Korea I fell in love twice - once with my now husband and the other time with Korean stationery. There were so many adorable stationery departments and stores there that I could barely hold onto a paycheck. Most of their products, especially their planners (schedulers) and accessories had amazing product design. 

They really focused on functionality and the ability of the end user to keep everything organized, but in a gorgeous way. Similar to Japanese kawaii, Korean stationery comes in wonderful colors and patterns. I won’t lie, some of it was so cute that I couldn’t use it. It’s been 3 years and I still have lots of stationery from there.

Being back in the States I miss having regular access to those goodies. Fortunately you can order almost anything online. So I can treat myself every once in awhile to a good haul. Some of my favorite sites for Korean stationery and Kawaii are: Gmarket, The Loft (helps if you know Japanese), FallNDesign, Omoi Zaka, Jetoy, and MochiThings.

MochiThings is based in Seattle, Washington so things will get here a little quicker if you order from them. Last year I was looking for a case for my planner and supplies—similar to other coil bound planner carriers. The only thing with many of those cases is they don’t have little pockets and departments to keep everything in a separate place. And that’s what I needed. MochiThings had the answer. I found the perfect case for my planner and supplies—the Better Together Pouch.

 I swear by my Better Together Pouch. It holds everything from my masking tape labels and wash tape to my erasable pens and Limelife Planner.

 I highly recommend checking out these sites, especially MochiThings. There so many options that will help to keep you organized and will let you do it in a cute way! Warning: Be prepared to be overwhelmed by cuteness especially with MochiThings and Jetoy. There are so many cute accessories for your planner you may just go broke shopping!

What are you favorite online shops for non-traditional planning accessories?

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