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Posted on July 23 2015

Looking for some inspiration for your next layout? I have some ideas on where you can go. Helpful planner girls can be found in Facebook Groups. Discover talented gals on Instagram. If you would like to find someone to talk planner with, planner meetups are always fun!

Those of us that are Limelife Planners enthusiasts are so lucky to have a Facebook Group called “We Love Limelife Planners” available to us. Here we can relate to others who have purchased their planner from the same company. Often you find people with the same layout as well. Then, you can ask where they purchase stickers or how they use certain areas on the pages in your layout that you’re not sure how to use. You can ask questions while ordering and considering there is a huge chance that others in the group had the same question while ordering, they can most likely answer them for you. We share our layouts with each other and give compliments. Christa Williams is our fantastic administrator for the group; she is always participating in our conversations. It is a nice environment with supportive people. Oh and if you’re looking for sales, Christa was kind enough to create a pinned post where you can find sales for sticker shops!

Speaking of sticker shops, you should look up your favorite sticker shop on Facebook. Chances are they have a Facebook group that you can join. I love the ones that are closed, so you do not have to worry about any information that you did not want to share with your friends getting posted on your timeline. I am an active member of many Facebook Groups which include Planner Pandemonium, One Orange Snowflake on Etsy, Lillie Henry on Etsy, and Scribble Prints Co.  I love the planner community thanks to shops like these! Members post pictures of their orders once they arrive. That gives you ideas for what you might want to order next. Sometimes, you are lucky enough to catch a sale or be the first one to hear of new release dates just by being a part of these groups. When you join, make sure you check your settings for the group, because if you’re like me you will want to turn your notifications on. It’s funny how Taylor from One Orange Snowflake counts down with us for her Mystery Boxes. I managed to grab this box thanks to a handy Facebook notification!

courtesy Paige Liberski @planitwithpaige

courtesy Paige Liberski @planitwithpaige

For me, the best part about being a part of a Facebook group is meeting new people. People often message me to ask me questions or just share about something we have in common. Surprisingly, just one comment can lead to a week long conversation or true friendships. It’s crazy how I find myself talking to my fellow sticker addicts more than my real-life friends! We let each other know when a shop is having a sale, we even send each other pictures during our planning process to get advice on whether or not we should use a certain sticker or place it in a certain spot on our layout, and of course we end up discussing events or people in our everyday lives as well. I look forward to hearing from my planner friends and take their advice during my planning time.

planner stack from the South Florida Planner Meetup

planner stack from the South Florida Planner Meetup

Recently, I was blessed enough to attend my first planner meetup. It was actually called South Florida Planner Meetup. One of my fellow teammates from Limelife’s Media and Creative Team, Kelly, invited me to the group on Facebook. From there, through Facebook posts and comments we all decided on the best date and location for everyone and created an event to invite everyone. Eventually, I became an administrator for the group and reached out to other Facebook groups and on Instagram to invite others. We ended up meeting at a café at a huge outlet mall. The restaurant worked with us and provided us a table large enough for our group.

We actually managed to eat without ruining anyone’s planner! If you’ve ever wondered what people do at a planner meetup, we passed each other’s planners down the table to admire them page by page and asked questions if they popped into our heads while viewing layouts and creations. We also had goodie bags for everyone, which was nice. In advance, we suggested to the attendees to bring a bag of goodies worth $10 to swap with someone else. That was a lot of fun; we put the bags in the middle of the table and then we picked one! Limelife Planners was kind enough to supply some of their stickers for our meetup!

courtesy Kelly Cosgrove

courtesy Kelly Cosgrove

Meeting people who share the same interests is always fun, but if that doesn’t interest you, Instagram is not as personal and is still a lot of fun. You can search for people or hashtags. You will find spreads to model and can even tap on the photo to know where the stickers or the featured items were purchased from. I follow both sticker shop owners and regular people who like to plan. I guess you can tell by my previous sentence that I kind of put sticker shop owners on a pedestal; I know I have problems, I am working on them (giggles).

I would love for you to comment below and let me know if you have forged new friendships in the planner community. I want to hear your stories!

This blog post was written by Elliscia Axson-Hall for the Limelife Planners Media & Creative Team. For more information about Elliscia visit her on Instagram @elliscia_plans. Please share and repost this blog entry with your friends! All we ask is that you give credit to Limelife Planners and the post author.

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