We have been planning a trip to Disney World for the past 6 months, and like anyone who is reading this blog, I wanted to be as organized as humanly possible when approaching the trip. Since we are going for 9 days, I would have all that blank space in my planner that’s usually taken up by daily activities, so I thought I would utilize that space as a way to organize the trip!

Before I wrote anything in pen, I used small sticky notes so that I could move things around, especially the restaurant reservations and such. Once we nailed down our final plans, I wrote them in pen on the planner pages. 

I also took a page from the end of my planner from December 2016 because I needed an extra page to add in the Friday, Saturday and Sunday prior. I used the actual planner page from the week before to write other things, so I needed the additional page. I will most likely be getting a new payout by then, so I knew I wouldn’t miss stealing one from the very end! I simply used white-out to change the dates and added it in.

I got the adorable Mickey sticker strips at Michaels. It came in a set of 4-5 sheets of Disney stickers, most of which I have already used throughout my planner.

The categories that I used in my Limelife planner (A5 version, option C) are: Park, Reservations, Mary, Nic, Lissa and Alex. I planned out our reservations for sit-down meals, our park for the day and our outfits. I don’t usually buy new clothing for a vacation, but since this is our first big vacation as a family, I wanted to make it special! I am sure that minds will change as far as what outfit is worn on what day, but this is at least a general guideline.

LL blog 7.20_photo4.jpg

I printed The Ultimate Disney World Packing List from Pinterest and it has been very helpful! It does have some sections that are not applicable to our family (i.e. small babies) but it is a general guideline and makes us feel more organized knowing that everything is written out for us to follow.

Also, I will be packing outfits together in clear bags so that we know we have everything, especially for the kids. I will be writing a second vacation blog in August, so stay tuned! How do you get organized for family vacations?

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