The thing I’ve always loved most about Limelife Planners—above the amazing customer service, stunning paper quality and designs, and the fabulous stickers, add-ons, and accessories—is the option to choose between six different weekly layouts!

In high school, we were provided planners in an effort to encourage productivity, time management, and organization. The layout of those planners is very similar to Limelife’s Layout C. When I started college, I wanted a similar layout. I’ve never found a better way to keep track of homework, exams, and group projects than to clump them by class but I wasn’t able to find anything like that in stores.

I tried other things of course. I kept a horizontal planner and tried to color code. I used a vertical and tried to shove the assignments for each class into the time slots of that class. It worked, but not very well, and things fell through the cracks in my system.

Enter Layout C!! I am so sad that I didn’t know about this earlier, but so happy that I have it to organize my final semester in college this fall. Who wouldn’t want to whip out something so beautiful and functional in class?

Limelife has recently come out with a Young Adult Planner, which is a similar concept and perfect for middle or high school. It’s exactly what I would have loved to have as a 13 year old! In my opinion, they might as well just name Layout C as "the college planner" because I’ve never come across a more perfect layout for being thorough and organized in college.

It’s the simplest way to break down my day and visualize when I have classes and what needs to be done at what time. Because it allows for six subjects, I’m able to keep track of a few other things outside of class as well.

I’ve seen many other people using Layout C and it makes me so happy to see my favorite planning system in use! Let me know down below in the comments if you use Layout C and what you use it for!

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