“I’m not creative at all.”

“I want to make art (music, poetry, jewelry, etc.), but I’m just not creative enough.”

“I could never create anything like that.”

If you’re plagued by this type of creative self-doubt, first start telling yourself that you ARE creative (even if you don’t believe it yet). Once you begin to act on your creativity, it will flow in ways you’ve never imagined. Here are five steps you can take to begin to release your creativity.

Validate your feelings. It’s okay to worry that it won’t turn out the way you want it, or that no one else will appreciate it. The truth is, creativity can be intimidating, even scary. Results are uncertain and there are no clear-cut right answers. Feel it. Embrace it. Sit with it and understand that those feelings may never completely go away. You’re apprehensive, but it’s time to go for it anyway.

Do it now. Stop waiting for that magical day when the skies part and a dove feather drops onto your lap with a golden note telling you now is the time. You will never read enough how-to books. There will never be enough YouTube videos. Start right now.

Ease into it. Create the smallest amount for the shortest period of time you can. Celebrate your efforts. Little triumphs can boost your confidence in major ways. One doodle. One sentence. One simple handmade necklace. Then do it again, and again. Over time your anxieties will ease and your comfort level will rise.

Start with low stakes supplies. Buy the five dollar paint set. Write the first paragraph on the back of an envelope, with the pen you “borrowed” from the doctor’s office. Use the scrapbooking supplies from the clearance aisle. A low initial investment will keep the pressure at bay.

Enjoy the process. Play, explore, experiment. Reject the notion that it has to be right, that you have to produce a masterpiece. That kind of pressure will have you cowering away in your safe little dungeon until the end of time. Practice makes better—not perfect. The end product is not the most important thing. It really is all about the journey.

Following these steps will get you on your way to overcoming creative self-doubt. Allow yourself time and support to push through your fears. Keep at it. You’ll surprise yourself with your true artistic depths.

*This is the first piece in a series of posts on breaking past your fears and living for your passion.

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