Being a military family, we’re used to moving. This time, we made the choice to move to another home in our area—which means new decorating, fresh start, clean slate, and my favorite thing of all? Being able to put my planner to some seriously good use; using it to lay out the next few weeks ahead of us, to make our move go as smooth as humanly possible.

For those planner addicts like myself, you know the deal. A lot of us decorate our planners in hopes to leave it open throughout the day. The decor makes us motivated to do exactly what’s been planned out for that week/month. Day by day, I look at my planner and find that motivation, somehow. Especially now with having to move in three short weeks. Instead of packing our entire three bedroom home in one week, I plan to do it over the next couple of weeks. This way, we’re only left with the absolute essentials a week prior to us packing up the U-Haul truck and making the transition much easier and more importantly, less stressful!

I’ll be going room by room, and have already started with my office, which is completely packed up with the exception of the ‘big furniture’ such as my desk and bookcase. That way, when we move, each box will go in the room it needs to be in—and each box is carefully labeled with exactly what’s inside. I’m trying my hardest to make this move as painless as possible. 

I’ve also set a goal for myself, to have four to six boxes packed per week over the course of the next couple of weeks. I’m making it a point to label each box with every single item that’s in the box, that way it’s easier on both my husband and myself when it comes time to unpack. We’ve decided to put all of our boxes in one room (my office) so that we can deep clean each room as it’s emptied out. 

With military housing, you have 48 hours to empty your home, clean it to their specifications, and have your final inspection. With my husband gone during the week with his command, the process of putting the boxes all in one room makes life a little less stressful for me.

Until then, our living room will stay intact in order to keep my sanity! Be sure to share your tips for packing and staying organized during a move in the comments below.

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