It’s very common now-a-days that a tiny, stuffed, “magical” elf comes to your home after Thanksgiving to watch over the kids for Santa. While the elf is at your house, he usually causes some mischief, or asks the kids to do something good. Since the elf moves every night it is quite hard towards the end of the time the elf is with you to find things for him or her to do in your house. I’ve compiled a list of things your elf can do, items he can bring to the children and even requests from the elf to your children.

I like to mix it up a bit in our home. Our elf “Buddy” brings the kids some things to do such as crafts, and cookie mix, he also causes A LOT of trouble and creates some messes as well. Sometimes Buddy asks the kids to do something kind for someone, or even gives them a chore to help out around the house. 

I like to use Buddy to my full advantage. The better I plan and have a calendar laid out the better off my nights are. I’m not scrambling to figure out what the elf is going to do next. I use these to help me to stay organized.

-LimeLife Happy Holidays Planner (Link to Planner)

-RevealDesignsbyJLB Elf Notes

In the Elf Notes printable there is a welcome letter from your elf, and a goodbye letter from the elf. There are also 30 printable notes to leave with your elf for the kids to read, and 10 blanks for you to write your own notes.

Now that I got you started let’s think happy thoughts. The holidays are meant for family, cheer, and figuring out where the HECK we are going to put the elf the night before. 

Let us save you some stress. Enjoy!

Happy Holidays and Happy Elfing!

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