My only child graduated high school this May. We worked really hard to throw him a big graduation party with lots of friends and family in attendance. We booked a venue, got a caterer, and I spent months on DIYing the decorations. With a party of this scale it’s easy to lose your head and get overwhelmed. Being the planner girl that I am, I knew I’d have to utilize my planner to keep my head on straight! 

I grabbed my Filofax with my Limelife A5 inserts and setup the perfect party planner. I pulled out several sheets of my note paper from the A5 inserts and created a section in the back of my planner for this project. The first thing I did was create a timeline of events and tasks that needed completed along the party planning process. I decorated it with graduation themed washi tape and a few stickers.  

I knew I’d need a place to keep all the venue and caterer details. The venue we chose had specific requests to contact them 2 weeks prior to the party and 1 week prior to the party. Little notes and reminders were all jotted down on this page. I also created a section on the page with payment info. This way it doesn’t slip my mind who I paid what to where.

You can’t plan a party without having a go-to contact list!  Once again I grabbed a page from my Limelife A5 inserts. This time I took a Contacts page. Here I kept all the addresses and phone numbers I would need. You could argue that I could’ve just put the venue and caterer contact information on the page designated to them, but I wanted all phone numbers in one easy location. What you don’t see in this photo is also the names, phone numbers, and addresses to the guests.  

In the back of my party planning section I put a clear insert sleeve pocket. In this sleeve I put pages I printed out from Instagram for decoration ideas and a copy of the invitation. I also printed out the product pages from Party City with prices so I knew exactly what I wanted and how many so when I went to Party City to purchase the items, it would be a quick trip in and out. The party went on without a hitch I’m proud to say! However, I’m NOT proud to say that in the hustle bustle of the party I completely forgot to take ANY PICTURES! Maybe I should have written that reminder down in my planner…Haha!

Have you used your planner for party planning? Tell me in the comments below how you organized your party planning in your planner!

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