A Glimpse Inside My Bullet Journal Notebook

Ahhhh planner peace, I thought I had found it but alas. However, the flexibility my Limelife products allows me in planning means it’s easy to switch back and forth week by week in my two current systems. Today I’m going to show you my bullet journal notebook. Bullet journals (or bujos) are all the rage right now and I can totally understand why. The flexibility it gives me depending on my week is awesome. Some weeks I have plenty of time to make things look pretty and I *gasp* actually use a ruler to draw straight lines. Other weeks I’m so absurdly busy I’m lucky to get anything done! To make my bujo I used a dot grid 7x9 Limelife notebook. The size is perfect for me and the folder add-on let’s me keep important notes easily accessible.

I started by creating a cover page, table of contents, and future log. I have NOT been using the table of contents and haven’t really needed to search for something so I may omit that on my next notebook. The future log I set up with bills (so that I could mark them off as I paid them) and major events. One little trick that really helps me was that I counted the boxes across and down the entire page and jotted those numbers down on the back of my cover page. I look back at this frequently when I’m setting up my week.

Next I jumped right into planning for March. I created a March cover page using blue and green colors. I didn’t make a monthly view because I already have one in my TN so next I created a page of important to-dos. The most useful part of planning for me is a weekly view- it’s a place to put every little thing that is happening with my family as well as keeping to-do items and other notes. I change my weekly layout week by week, finding a lot of inspiration on Instagram. Instagram can be intimidating but I try to keep in mind that my planner is MINE. It doesn’t need to be the prettiest or most “Instagram worthy” for it to work for me. Often I start out Sunday making a real effort (and enjoying the crafty time!) but by Monday afternoon life takes over and I’m writing quickly in pencil as things come up! I know this now and I’m ok with it, as long as it’s functional for me. My husband often reminds me of this too, he keeps a bullet journal at work and will often admire mine on Sunday nights. His is bare bones, essentially a to-do list and a to-go list. But it’s what works for him and keeps his work organized!

My bullet journal is always evolving and I’m finding different things that work for me. Sometimes I set up a week that doesn’t really help me at all, sometimes I use stickers and washi to make things pretty, sometimes it’s just a black pen and a bit of lettering. Follow me on Instagram @BMooreLuvn to see how it changes each week!