Sitting under a palm tree, soaking up the sun and having a little sippy sippy doesn’t mean I don’t want to play with my planning supplies. Traveling and vacationing to some means letting go of all the normal routine things you do so you can just relax. For me planning and sitting down to decorate my planner is relaxing to me. Its very therapeutic. 

Since I am retired I can be gone anywhere from one week to almost two months. I am going to share some packing solutions for when you travel and want to take planner supplies.

Short Trip Packing: Cosmetic Bag

For the shorter trips I purchased a cosmetic bag that my planner fits perfectly in the zipper area and it has plastic material to keep it clean. There are several compartments within the bag that are perfect for stickers, stamps, washi tape and more.

All of it folds up nicely and has a handle. I found mine at Target. I didn’t have a large selection of pretty fabrics to choose from but I looked everywhere in my area and it was hard to find. Some people have the Orla Kiely ones from Target that are similar size etc. but my Target rarely has them. Thirty one would also be a good place to shop for them and get some cute fabrics. 

Extended Trip Packing 

If I am going to be gone a long time (more than a few weeks) I like to pack a lot of planning supplies because I cannot commit to what I may want to use as my theme. I bought a great plastic storage container at Walmart that has a locking lid so it is perfect for traveling.

Its not too big to lug around from place to place or take outside when I am relaxing. I can fit loads of stickers, stamps, inks and even my planner in this container.

Sometimes I will even put my cosmetic bag that I mentioned above in there. FYI these fit perfectly in a Ikea expedit cube storage at home. 

A second option is a the Grab N Go Rack System tote.

I purchased mine at Joann fabric and I will link it below. Mine is the larger one so you could easily get by with the smaller one too.

 This is so nice, there is plenty of room for my planner and many other things in the top and 3 bottom drawers to house all my stickers, washi tape and loads more. 

Links to Products Mentioned:

Cosmetic bags

Walmart Storage Container (this link is for a set of 4) 

Options Grab N Go Rack System

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