Writing sponsored posts for brands is always so much fun. I really enjoy trying new products and writing about it on my blog, though it gets overwhelming. I have a hard time keeping up with what has been completed for a blog post and what hasn't. My planner offers a perfect solution to this problem. 

I love that Limelime Planners has the optional Social Media Add-On pages. The sections included are Social Media Goals, Social Media Tracking, Instagram Plan, Facebook Plan, and Blog Post Plan.

My favorite right now is the blog post plan. I am able to write down what the post will be about and then ideas I want to incorporate into my blog post. There are also separate sections to keep track of what still needs to be completed. I write out the plan here, but keep the due date of the blog post in the calendar part of my planner. It is really working well. 

I also like to use the Social Media Tracking section. I can keep track of the number of social media followers each month to see how much my blog is growing over time. 

I can not wait to see where this planner takes me. I am hoping it will keep me more organized with blog posts I have due throughout the month. How do you keep track of your blog posts and other social media?

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