I have always been in love with my Kate Spade Wellesley. Until Limelife Planners makes a personal sized planner, this is my go-to planner for carrying in my purse, and is my lifeline for all things on-the-go. I would love to replace some of these with Limelife inserts someday. (Hint hint!)

When you first unzip it, you see my dashboard. I have a few paperclips I love, a pad of sticky notes and a little folder I made for important receipts I don’t want to misplace or receipts for items I need to return.

My dashboard right now is a piece of thick card stock scrapbook paper that I picked up from Michaels. It is glittery but not sandy in texture, so I didn’t need to laminate it, which is a huge plus!

Behind that I keep this beautiful postcard I got from an order from a shop. I thought the quote was perfect for summer, so I was able to hole punch it and keep it in this planner.

Next I have a smaller dashboard-type insert that I made from two pieces of scrapbook paper and a polaroid photo of my wife and myself the day we got married on 12.12.14 in Las Vegas. I will probably always keep this in here as a reminder of that amazing day!

After that I have a pouch that I keep some functional stickers in. The red and teal flags are what I use to mark bills that are due on my monthly calendars. They are handy because I can write a check mark on the flag when the item is paid. 

Next I have a few blank to-do lists that I made myself as inserts. I love the bikes at the bottom of the pages!

The next section of inserts are my calendar inserts. I got them from the shop SewMuchCrafting on Etsy and the paper quality is amazing! It is buttery smooth and awesome to write on. I highly recommend her shop for all kinds of inserts. 

The final set of sections are for my car, shopping, birthdays, vacations, and food. AllysFiloShop on Etsy made me the inserts and I absolutely love them. I put the labels on myself with removable labels that came in my Kikki K so that when I change a section I can remove the labels. 

The car section has a checklist I printed off Pinterest to keep track of car maintenance. I have a brand new car so there is not a lot that has to be done right now, but I love this insert to keep on top of things. 

The next section I am currently using to prepare for our trip to Disney World in August. Previously I used it to prepare for my kids' birthday parties. I like being able to check things off as I go.

The last section is for food shopping. The inserts are also from SewMuchCrafting and are awesome because the front has a place to write the menu for the week and the back has a place to write the list. Once I’m done with the list, I remove it so that the next week I can start fresh. 

Do you carry a planner in your purse or handbag? If so, how do you set it up?

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