I know the ListersGottaList Challenge was created by Cori at TheResetGirl to reach out to those who love being creative and love making lists, but for me, this has been a journey of emotions.

While preparing for the challenge, I created a beautiful cover that brought me so much joy. I was so proud of the way it turned out. Of course, I watched TheResetGirl’s YouTube video where she created her own cover for inspiration.

Prompts like, “Happy Memories,” allows you to reminisce on unforgettable moments that can always bring happy tears. My son is at the age where I can share these memories with him and let him know how much giving birth to him meant to me, so it was nice to share this page in the notebook with him.

This challenge often forces you to reflect on what you dedicate your time to. My guilty pleasure is watching ALL of The Real Housewives series. I even had the opportunity to meet two of them (Caroline Manzo at the bottom left and Phaedra Parks on the bottom right).

The saddest part of the challenge came along with the prompt that reads, “People I wish I could have lunch with.” Losing my grandmother not even four months ago made choosing a person easy, but writing about her and how much she means to me was very hard.

Although this challenge has taken me for a ride on an emotional roller coaster, I am glad I completed the challenge and wouldn’t change a page for the world. It makes you stop and think about yourself and the people, things, and moments in your life that mean the most to you. How many of you who are taking the challenge now during the July ListersGottaList Challenge would agree?

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