My life as a wife, mom, blogger, and photographer is really, really busy. Being pregnant with baby number 3 has made my brain complete mush. I have a hard time keeping track of what day it is, let alone what I need to accomplish that day. I use the Limelife Photographer Add-On Pages to keep my photography business in order. These make it super easy to keep track of what sessions I have done this year and also what I still need to complete for a session.

I use the session log to know when I had shoots through the year and what kind of sessions they were.

I love that this is an add-on and I can easily keep it in one place with the rest of my planner. I carry my planner everywhere with me, so it makes it simple to keep track of what I still need to accomplish.

The photographer add-on also includes pages for shoot list, mileage log, and gift card logs. I love the colors and it goes perfectly in my planner. I really enjoy having everything in one place, it makes my life so much easier. What is your favorite Limelife Planners add-on?

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