The countdown is on! Back to school is near (if not already started for some). I started planning a month ago for school shopping, meeting the teacher, school schedules and such. To help me stay organized I like to use stickers to stand out so I can remember certain dates and events. I purchased some brightly colored stickers from Lillie Henry to match my beautiful Limelife Planner.

I picked the matte stickers over glossy because that is more my style but glossy is also a choice. The stickers that Erin from Lillie Henry designs are very functional and clean, yet creative. As soon as I received them I laid out my planner and got the school schedule with the dates on it. I went through my planner and placed the stickers where we have first day, days off, parent teacher conferences, Thanksgiving break, winter break and so on.

The School Days sticker set even includes snack day, which is great for my family because I have a son in preschool and we have designated days to bring snacks.

Lillie Henry has Picture Day stickers, something that is super important to remember. There’s every sticker for each child’s special school events. This whole set really was designed perfectly. As a busy mom of three, I needed a set to help me remember all the different days and events!  Erin really nailed it down with these stickers!

To celebrate we are giving away a set of her Back to School Stickers! You will get 3 sheets of sticker sheets for your Limelife Planner! All you have to do is go to the Limelife Planners Instagram and follow the directions to enter the giveaway. Make sure you check out Lillie Henry on Etsy to see all of the great stickers she has to offer. Happy Planning!

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