One thing I struggled with when I started to get really into decorating my planner was having the right stickers. I would be working on a theme and wouldn’t have the right sticker in the right color even though I felt like I had thousands of stickers! It’s really frustrating to start a bee themed week only to realize that you have one bee sticker or an orange theme when you have no orange checklists!

So then, being the shopaholic that I am, I would go sticker shopping on Etsy. However, because there are so many options I would end up at a complete loss about what kind of stickers I should get. I’ve finally found a solution!

I’ve started to use the note pages in the back of my planner as a pre-planning area. I know, pre-planning your planning sounds a little over the top, but it’s been extremely helpful—at least in the design aspects of my spreads. When I can coordinate weekly themes with events or with stickers and washi I already own, it’s easier to use what I have and to know what to buy in the future. Pre-planning makes sure I’m fully using the stickers I already own instead of just hoarding sticker sheets even though sometimes it’s tempting.

Having it all laid out allows me to feel better about my obsessive sticker purchases. “These watermelon full boxes are for the first week in September,” I’ll say. But it also helps curb my spending as well. If my theme is already set and I know I have the stickers for it, it’s easier for me to use my willpower and just say no to those adorable safari stickers.

The other thing that really helps me keep it all together is my clear pocket. It’s the perfect size to hold just the stickers I’m using for the week so instead of digging through my sticker binders, I have easy access to the stickers I want to use each week. It makes on-the-go planning a heck of a lot easier and is just another thing to keep me organized!

How do you theme your weeks? Let me know down below if I’m missing a crucial pre-planning, theming, or decorating tip!

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