Labor Day is here, and many of you might be spending the long weekend at the beach or the pool. I’m sure all of you know that packing for the pool or beach can be a big task, especially if you’re packing for more than one of you. I pack for myself (sometimes my husband) plus three kids under the age of 5! Sometimes it takes us more than two hours to get out of the house for the day for an activity. For 5 people, we might even need to pack more than 2 bags. With summer coming to an end far too fast, I’m trying to get the most out of the semi warm weather we are having in Chicago by getting my kids to the pool, splash pad and local beach!

Beach Bag Essentials:

1. Large Beach Bag

Thirty One Large Utility Tote is the one shown here.

2. Limelife Planner and stickers of course, 'cause I’m always planning.

3. Beach Towels

4. Beach Blanket

5. Sunscreen: Apply before you leave and then every 90 minutes after, for as long as you are there.

6. Snacks: I usually allow the kids an ice cream. The price of a bag of chips at any pool, park, etc. is usually outrageous. Save yourself the extra money and bring your own snacks!

7. Magazine or Book: If your kids are big enough to run around, take this as your relaxation time. Soak up those rays and enjoy.

8. Large Umbrella: This maybe good if you have young ones, getting them out of the sun for a brief period of time to cool off is always nice.

9. Water

Lots and lots of water! I usually pack ours in Thermos canisters to keep them nice and cold. I bring back up bottles in a cooler as well.

10. Bug Spray: With all the rain we have had in my neighborhood, the bugs have been so bad. I apply after sunscreen.

11. Wet Ones: A must!

12. Swimmer Diapers and Regualr Diapers

13. Change of Clothes: I bring the kids in their swimsuits but before we leave I change diapers and put on new dry clothes for the way home.

14. Plastic Bags: Use these for wet clothes and garbage.

15. Hand Sanitizer: I never go anywhere without this.

16. Beach Toys: Our community pool won’t allow any toys but when we go to splash pads or the beach, it is a must!

17. Hats/Sunglasses

18. First Aid Kit: Always good to have it as a back up.

Now that I have pretty much packed our entire house, it’s time for some fun in the sun! Have fun and enjoy the rest of the summer weather!

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