4 Ways to Organize Your Sticker Addiction

Posted on September 08 2015

A planner addiction is a gateway to a whole ton of new addictions—like my washi addiction, sticker addiction, Instagram addiction…the list goes on. Since I first became active in planner decorating at the beginning of this year, I have discovered way too many beautiful Etsy sticker shops and placed way too many orders leading to a new problem: how am I going to store and organize all these stickers?!

I may not have mentioned this but my mom, my friends, and my boyfriend would probably tell you that I’m also addicted to organizing. Because of that addiction, I’ve tried it all, and I want to share with you the pros and cons of each sticker storage solution.

1. The Pocket Folder: You know those storage folders you can find for one dollar in the Target dollar spot or at the dollar store? Sometimes referred to as “coupon organizers?” This was the first method I ever tried, and for a beginning or someone who doesn’t have tons of stickers like I do, this might be the perfect solution.


  • No setup required
  • Cheap and easy to find
  • Relatively easy to travel with
  • Easy to stack in a drawer and store away
  • Various sizes to accommodate various sticker sheet sizes


  • Can become cluttered
  • Don’t stand up on their own
  • Not the best quality product in the world
  • Can’t see the whole sheet of stickers at once
  • Limited number of pockets to hold and organize stickers


2. The Photo Album: I was so sure this was the one, and for some, it may be. There are a lot of convenient features to using a mini photo album and I think it is well suited for someone with a smaller sticker collection. They can be found at the dollar store and everyone loves a dollar deal!


  • Easy to store
  • Travel friendly
  • Customizable covers
  • Relatively cheap and easy to find
  • Protects sticker sheets and keeps them flat


  • Does not fit large sticker sheets
  • A lot of time is required to cut sheets to fit
  • Not easy to add new stickers in the middle of a category
  • Only holds so many sheets (I think I had like 5 of these at one time!)


3. The Mini Binder: Once mini binders were released in the Target dollar spot they became super popular. They feature cute prints and who can resist anything mini? This was the second method I went to, relieving me (mostly) of the clump of pocket folders I had become accustomed to.

I found that this method was perfect for sticker sheets around the size of the KG Planner sheets…and in my opinion, not much else.


  • Easy to flip through
  • Fits most sticker sheets
  • Allows you to see the full sheet at once
  • Page protectors keep sticker sheets safe and flat
  • Dividers make organizing by category or shop easy
  • Decent size to carry around - any bag that fits your planner, can fit a mini binder


  • Requires more initial setup and money
  • Doesn’t fit ALL sticker sheets (Hello Libbie&Co!)
  • Mini binders and dividers can be a little hard to find in stores
  • Pulling stickers in and out of the page protector can be annoying
  • When a sticker sheet is too small, it doesn’t sit very well in the page protector

4. The Cardstock Method: this method has become really popular in the Facebook sticker world lately, and I couldn’t resist giving it a shot! So I spent 2 hours and 3 sticky rollers to try out the latest craze. I think this method works really well for those who have a large sticker collection that they are constantly adding to.


  • Shows the entire sheet
  • Easy to add new sheets or rearrange
  • Easy to flip through and organize
  • Holds small sticker sheets in place
  • Really fits ALL sticker sheets (Even Libbie&Co)


  • More up front material costs
  • Not as portable (but still doable)
  • Time consuming to hole punch cardstock and glue in stickers
  • Not as easy to peel stickers off the sheets once they are glued down

I think I’ve managed to try just about every way to organize stickers – and I’m pretty happy with my final solution…but it can always be better! Do you have tips or tricks on how you organize your stickers?

This blog post was written by Kelly Cosgrove for the Limelife Planners Media & Creative Team. For more information about Kelly connect with her on Instagram: @kellysprettyplanner. Please share and repost this blog entry with your friends! All we ask is that you give credit to Limelife Planners and the post author.

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