I hadn't used a planner in about 10 years when I got my first Limelife planner back in August of 2015. I struggled to balance school, home, work, and keeping up with my two boys and wrote about it here. Thankfully I settled into a system that worked for me rather quickly and I found that I am a purely functional gal.  

Recently, I had a particularly busy week at work and looked down at my legal pad and post-it mess and thought, there has got to be a better way. You would think since I love my spiral 7x9 Limelife Planner so much that a solution would have dawned on me sooner, but it took me a while. As an aside, someone once spelled "don don" as a substitute for "dawned on" to a group of online friends (we kept asking - Don WHO?) and I can't ever type dawned on without thinking of don don. And now you won't either.

Where was I? Yes, my solution! A5! I was worried a little about the investment and knew people outside of the planner world would be unlikely to understand why I had two planners, so I found this inexpensive binder to dip my toe into the proverbial second planner waters. I also found these binders, which are adorable. I'd love a kikki.K or Filofax one day, but for now this will do. 

I ordered monthly planner inserts (Florence style) as my base along with daily inserts in layout 2, the checklist add-on and extra notes, both lined and unlined. Since this is my all-in-one for work, and I already have an electronic calendar, the purpose is for noting large events or deadlines, taking notes, and keeping track of to-do items. Limelife paper has ruined me forever; it's so crisp and buttery I want to write on it always.

Do you like my dish?  It says "The Future is Female"  Yeah it is!

So far, I love this setup. I am left-handed, and I am so thankful to be able to take pages out and write on them. I also love that I can re-arrange a checklist page as items on it may spill over month to month. I don't need a daily sheet every day, but when I need one, boy do I NEED one.

I appreciate that the binder and pages are relatively neutral. My Mandy 7x9 planner is gorgeous, but maybe isn't the best choice for a high profile meeting. The extra notes pages can also double as stationery for thank you notes in a pinch. Now that Limelife sells A5 dashboards, I think I may need one of those, too - they'd be great for reminders up front.

Do you have two planners?  If so, what are each of them for?  Tell me I'm not alone!
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