I don't know about you but I enjoy planning out every aspect of my life: from my work schedule, to my workout schedule, to events I go to, to events that I would consider going to. That being said, sometimes (most of the time) things don't go as planned. What do you do once it's already been written in your planner?

You could scribble it out.

This is my least favorite option, but of course it happens. Scribbling looks a little sloppy, so I prefer to cross text out with a red pen and a straight-edge. I guess you could call me a little fussy but even my mistakes need to be neatly taken care of. You could make your scribble into a doodle if you feel compelled to.

You could white it out.

White out is a slightly better option than scribbling. It covers the text and you can write over it. Just be sure to get a decent white out. I prefer the correction tape to the liquid white out and even then, it's still hit or miss. Correction tape can flake depending on the writing utensil and that drives me crazy.

You could put a large sticker over it and pretend it was never there.

Full box stickers, or even half box stickers, are pretty awesome for this. If you've written a large amount of text, just cover it up with one sticker and you have a fresh slate and a cute background for your plans in your planner.

You could put a "cancelled" sticker over it.

Lots of shops make these stickers. There are also variations: cancelled, rescheduled, not today, another day, and many more. I love these stickers when plans get changed last minute or I decide I want to Netflix instead of doing work. They don't remove the event from your planner, but give you a constant reminder that something didn't happen.

You could do nothing and pretend you actually did what you said you were going to.

Did I actually go on that 5-mile run that I wrote in my planner? You will never know. Did I go to the planner meetup last Saturday? I could tell you I did. The only people who will know you didn't go are the ones that did.

How do you cover up your mistakes or cancelled plans? Let me know in the comments!

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