You’ve been there before. Task Anticipation Paralysis—aka T.A.P.ped out. It’s when you have so much on your plate that you just…can’t. Before you toss your planner to the side and hop back in bed overwhelmed, try this manageable planning method. It’ll help you feel a litte more in control of that mountain of a todo list.

First, list all of your tasks for the day. This day-on-a-page planning page is available in the FREE! section of our website. Break big tasks into smaller chunks. “Clean kitchen” might sound like a ridiculous feat if you had a wild party the night before. “Wipe off counters, sweep floor, load dishwasher” is a group of more manageable tasks.

Second, estimate about how much time each sub-task will take. Write that down beside each task.

Next, schedule out your day into chunks. If you anticipate that your kitchen tasks will take 60 minutes, allot extra time for breathing room and a break in between tasks.

Decide what’s most important. If nothing else gets done today, what are the things that are absolute must do’s? Use a sticker, highlight, or stamp next to it-- like this Limelife “IMPORTANT” stamp.

Can’t fit it all into the day’s plan? That should be your clue that you’re putting too much on your plate. Migrate some items to tomorrow or completely take them off your schedule.

The important thing when tackling an overwhelming day is to be realistic. Know exactly what you can accomplish in the time you have, allow yourself some break time, and be aware of what’s most important. With a realistic schedule in front of you, you’ll move through your day feeling like you got this

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