Hello again my planner friends! I hope that the new year is starting out well for everyone. At this time of year, so many of us are getting organized and all of us love our planners. Lots of us have multiple planners, and I can now honestly say, I belong to the multi-planner girl group, and I actually use both of them! I have an standard 7x9 planner in layout L in an A-5 binder, which is my main planner and also where I love to do my creative layouts. This planner tends to go with me most places, however, if I am going to be out all day, it gets too heavy in my purse, so I usually leave it at home on those long days. That’s where my cute little personal size planner in layout L comes in. That is ALWAYS in my purse, filled with chicken scratch, notes, and our schedules.


Once a month, I sync up these two planners by taking an hour and sitting down and making sure they match. I put our schedules in my personal size for the next month, as well as make my on the go food log to keep track if I’m out all day. If I don’t make sure I take that time to sync them up, I miss things, and life does not go smoothly. As you can see, much of my pre-planning is done with sticky notes. I love the sticky note system because I go back and make it pretty when the time comes.


I love using stickers in my personal size planner and keep a stash in there to add to the pages when needed. I have pretty large handwriting so I like to keep a lot of blank space in my personal planner by keeping the stickers to a minimum. Most of my sticker decorating is done in the parking lot waiting to pick up the kiddos from school because the parking lot is crazy busy and I have to get their early to get an actual parking spot and it’s a fun way to pass the time.Planning on the go at its finest!



My food tracking section is quick and simple to create. As I said, it’s not something I will use all the time, just when needed and my regular planner is not with me. I used stamps and a stencil and a few pens to create this section in my personal planner.
This is just purely functional, it doesn’t have to be perfect. I have a place for a date, and a lunch and dinner section. I divide each section using a pen and stencil and call it good. It doesn’t bother me at all that the days are not even. It’s all about figuring out what works for you and your life. Some people that would drive nuts! In my primary planner, it would drive me nuts too. Here, in my personal size, I am totally fine with it!

Recently a friend told me about the dollar spot adhesive pockets….and sheets of stickers fit perfectly in these pockets! I added one of these adhesive pockets to my dividers in my personal size planner and have stickers stashed throughout my planner now ready to use! It’s such an easy way to add more storage to our planners.

So that is how I make two planners work for me, functional and fun.
Thanks for stopping by and checking out the blog, I hope I was able to give a little inspiration and motivation to keep trying new things and having fun with your planner or should I say planners!