Hello again Planner Friends! We had a bit of snow this week, which was promptly coated in a nice sheet of ice, which is typical in the Pacific Northwest. When snow happens here, our city shuts down. We ended up having two days off from school with less than an inch of snow….that ice gets us every time! Of course the snow was scheduled to hit on delivery day of my new Limelife goodies. Amazingly enough, the mail carrier made it to our mailbox before the snow set in. I was good, and patiently waited to open the box until the kids were frozen from playing outside and wanted a hot chocolate break. Hot chocolate was made, kids snuggled on the couch by the fire watching Elf, and I got to open the box!

I decided to order personal size inserts which I am going to exclusively use for volunteering, PTA and school activities. I wanted to be able to easily keep this with me at all times, and not have it weigh ten pounds in my purse! I also ordered one of the notebooks and a happy surprise of stamps came as well!

The notebook! This notebook is amazing! I asked for a customized quote from one of my most favorite songs ever, “I found the secret of life: I’m okay when everything is not okay.” This notebook will be my companion for at least a year, and will be filled with braindumps, lists, journaling, planning, lettering, notes, venting….so I wanted a quote that would resonate and ground me every time I look at this notebook.

There are layout options for notebooks! I chose one that I felt i would be able to use in multiple ways.

Right away I decided to start a project in my notebook, a Christmas Brain Dump to help me get organized. I broke out my Christmas washi and got to work. I covered up “today is” with washi and used a white gel pen to label my boxes as Gifts, Projects and Cooking. I dropped my lightbulb stamp, and that’s why I have some well placed reindeer washi cover up my oops in my ‘Last Minute To Do’s’ section. Don’t be afraid to stamp! The worst thing that can happen is you mess up and cover it up with washi, a sticker or label paper.

After completing my Christmas Brain Dump in my notebook, I put my inserts into my Kate Spade ring bound. I chose layout L for my personal size, I have fallen in love with layout L, there is so much that can be done with it! I knew it would work for me in personal size too! Here are some photos of the personal size.

Thanks for stopping by to check out this blog post! Next time, I will show you how I am using my personal size layout L! See you soon.


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