We have all drooled over the beautiful crafting and planning spaces that we see on social media. Gorgeous desktops display a plethora of thoughtfully arranged planning supplies. A bounty of different planners neatly grouped on bookshelves. Have you ever thought about setting up a space like that? It can be overwhelming to get everything in the right place, but in this post I’ll share some organizing techniques for planner supplies that will have you drooling over your own pretty planning place.


Use caddies and organizers to keep your items in line. The obvious choice for the task would be the desktop caddies found in the office section. I’m using this one to organize my stamping supplies and in view so I remember to use them. The drawers hold the things I don’t use as often, such as extra planner bands and paper clips.

Get creative when searching for something that will work. Here I used an old silverware drawer organizer to keep my pens together in a drawer, but separated so I don’t have to dig for just the right one.

I’ve also used a makeup counter organizer to keep pens, washi, and sticky notes within reach on my desktop. And this little guy is a business card holder, but it has found new life as a sticky note holder since it is the perfect size for the Target Dollar Spot sticky notes.


These shallow baskets are just the right size to hold most sticker sheets inside my drawer. I have two, one for functional stickers, and one for fun stickers with others that I don’t use as often below. They’re great because they are small and portable, so I can take them out of the drawer if I want to plan on the patio.


If you’re anything like me you have an attraction to cute dishes. There always seems to be a cute bowl in the clearance section. Currently I’m using some of my milk glass collection (I think they might be candy dishes, but I’m not sure) to hold my washi on my desktop. I used to keep the washi in the silverware drawer caddy with my pens, but I like it so much better on display. I also use a vintage milk glass loaf pan to keep note cards and stationery organized.

I hope some of these ideas were helpful. Getting your space organized and ready for planning will help keep your creative juices flowing. What is your favorite organizing tip for planner supplies?

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